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If you’re consistently working out and eating better than ever before yet you’re still struggling to lose weight or put on muscle (or both) it may not be genetics or old age.

Don’t toss it up to you being a “lost cause“; you may be fighting against your hormones and the truth of the matter is, this will be the case until you decide to get your insides dialed in.

As we age in this modern world of ours, we’re going to have an increasing number of obstacles thrown in our way to growing older and maintaining our health in the process.

I know this because I lived it and was able to turn myself around after I chose to get a panel done to see what was happening inside of me.


It’s crazy that if you tap your phone, food shows up; even more mind boggling is the fact that this is the first era in human history where you have to go out of your way to feel discomfort.

Age comes with:


  • More sitting than we did as kids.
  • More stress from work, bills, and relationships.
  • More access to food and drink than we had as kids.
  • A longer exposure to an environment that has chemicals in it that are detrimental to our hormone panel.

We live in a society that tells us to eat the processed foods, to sit and watch the next show, and if you experience any issues, to pop some pills or wash it away with some booze.

Society wants you hooked on the lifestyle of consumption without a care for personal preservation or development.

The reason you have that voice in the back of your head saying, “I don’t feel right” is because companies can’t rewire millions of years of biology. As humans, we’re designed to be lean, strong, and capable; anything else goes against what we were born to do and at the cellular level, we know it.

Fortunately, you can fix yourself from the inside out. I know this because I did it with the guidance of my coach Phil Foster

The road to correcting these issues could be as simple as a lifestyle adjustment or therapeutic protocol. – Phil Foster

The biggest improvements come from getting the small things consistently right.


Your Genetics and Deficiencies Were Not Your Choice; Correcting Them Will Be


You don’t know what you don’t know and for whatever reason, growing up you may not have known that the food you were eating, liquids you were drinking, and habits you were developing were detrimental to your future self’s hormone system.

After this piece that’s no longer an excuse because I’m telling you now, everything you do and all that you are stems from the levels within.


Listen to Phil and I on the Family Alpha Podcast as we talk about his decision to bring his training and hormone protocol public and how you can get started dialing yourself in today


I went from being motivated, energized, and hyper-focused to lethargic, weight was starting to pack on, and I didn’t have that sense of irrational confidence which once raged strong within my soul.

After coming to terms that something was wrong, I took Phil up on his offer to enter his hormone, training, and nutrition program before it was released to the public.

This is the greatest decision I’ve ever taken with regards to optimizing my mental health and physique.

Notably because, it worked.

I had my hormones checked and lo-&-behold my T levels were in the tank and it was causing all sorts of other hormones to be out of whack. It was like I had a Go-Kart engine in my soul when they’re used to be a V-8.

The way Phil broke it down and this is especially important for men, is that Testosterone is our “Master Switch” and if that switch is OFF or jacked up, it’s going to cause the rest of the system to go haywire.

Fix your T Levels and you’ll be able to fix the rest; leave the T Levels jacked up, you’ll be playing whack-a-mole trying to fix everything else that’s too high/low.

Phil went line by line with me on what the panel meant, what the symptoms were, and what options were available to get them corrected.

From there we came up with what a hormone program would look like, cost, and how it would impact me and I have to say, the price was minimal for the benefits I’ve already experienced (and I’m still improving).


The Brightest Sunrise Follows The Darkest Night

Not too long ago I looked like the ‘Pain‘ photo above and now I look better than the ‘Gain‘ photo.

I was trying to outwork an unbalanced body and mind but I couldn’t do it as I was always so freaking tired…


Now, I’m crushing the workouts and continuing to take those energy levels to the rest of my day.

If you’re in a tough spot mentally or physically, I strongly encourage you to get your hormones checked, it literally saved my life.

Looking at the bigger picture, it also made me a better husband to my wife and father to my son and daughter; getting my hormones optimized was like putting the oxygen mask on, I had to help me before I could help anyone else.

I fixed my hormones, got sober, the weight is falling off and muscle mass is growing; look at how that list started though…

I found out what was happening within and went from there.


I don’t want to be the dude with the secret.

I want everyone to win and therefore I recommend you follow and shoot Phil a DM (On Twitteror Instagram) to get yourself in motion; you will never regret investing time, energy, effort, and money into giving yourself the gift of a longer and better life to be lived.

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