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When Men Answer the Call of Community Leadership

By August 29, 2018September 3rd, 2021No Comments

Men were created to be tribal, to exchange value with others in the communities in which they live.

A tribe of men committed to this exchange in value find themselves within a contingent that is hardened to the point of being near impervious to outside threats. Every man receives what he is lacking and gives of himself what he has that others lack.

In modern times, a man’s tribe tends to begin and end with his wife and children. This is a travesty to us as men, our families and our communities.

You see, the value we’re able to give to the world around us – including to our own family members – is directly proportional to the value we’re able to absorb from others. By isolating ourselves from those that have what we lack we put ourselves and those that rely on our leadership at a litany of unnecessary disadvantages in life.

In ancient times, failing to find one’s place within a strong tribe was literally a matter of life and death. While the consequences of isolation aren’t quite so severe or immediate in modernity, they’re every bit as real.

Droves of children are growing up today without being taught the values and skills that are needed to successfully navigate a dark, chaotic and unpredictable world. Personal responsibility, work ethic and self-discipline are foreign to the vast majority of teens and young adults walking among us.

Their fathers have failed them, and their redemption will now require other men within the community to step up and fill the void.

This is where those of us who are committed to throwing ropes of value to our fellow man must rise to the occasion. All that every one of us have experienced to this day in history has prepared us for just such a time as this.

The opportunity before us to transform the world with the fire of truth has never been greater. And, yet, I’m left cringing at the sight of so many wasting the immense potential that lies before them to impact the next generation, choosing instead to invest their time pursuing quick-hitting, soul-eroding pleasures.

I wish to make something perfectly clear. There’s nothing special about Hunter and me when it comes to having value to give to the world. Every man has something valuable to offer to others.

What differentiates us from the average man, the reason we’re able to have a noticeable impact on the world around us, is our being intentional about putting ourselves in situations where we’re around those who need what we have to offer and don’t hesitate to share it when given the opportunity.

That’s it.

We daily choose the path less traveled. While those around us are steeped in porn, alcohol, video games, masturbation, drugs, over-eating, and myriad other indulgences, we’re giving of ourselves.

This is what leaders do. We wake each day with the mission of building up those around us who need it.

This mission extends to the young children in our communities simply in need of a masculine role model all the way to the grown man who’s broken from living in divergence to his deepest convictions and in dire need of putting the pieces of his shattered, emasculated life back together with the glue of masculine authenticity.

What do you have to give to your community? Where can you step up to lead others to unleash the dormant volcano of potential inside them waiting to be heaved upon the world?

In last week’s podcast, I shared how I recently answered the call of community leadership by leading a group of 5th grade boys at a church retreat.

Today, we turn the table with Hunter discussing a way he’s leading in the development of the next generation of masculine leaders within his community – and having a huge impact.

In the latest episode of The Family Alpha podcast Hunter breaks down how taking the simple step of acting on his convictions has empowered him to transform lives and make his mark in the community.

Use the media player below to listen to this latest episode of The Family Alpha podcast on the importance of men answering the call to lead in their communities:

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