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This is part six of a seven part series.

The Order:

  1. Son
  2. Daughter
  3. Wife
  4. Finances
  5. Home
  6. Tradition
  7. Country

Traditional Beginnings

Following your biological programming is the only means to optimal living. What is meant by ‘optimal’ is the type of life which you enjoy during and look back upon without regret.

In the past men and women followed their programming. This created what is now being called ‘Trad Life‘. Our ancestors followed their mission and fell into what are now considered the ‘Traditional Roles‘ for men and women.

In these roles we found our greatest strengths being displayed and because of this our pride and joy poured from with ease. Men and women looked back on their youth and beamed with pride at having given it their all and while they may have hit some deep valleys along with those mountain peaks, they lived genuinely. Like Sinatra said, “they did it their way” and they did it with all they had.

The masculine and feminine mentality and set of behaviors were around well before our weak society decided they were obsolete.

When you strip away each layer of lies that you’ve painted to cover your true self you’ll see that there is a raw ‘self’ which is dying to get out.

When you stop repressing who it is you are as a man and instead allow that ‘self’ to surface, it will initially be so overpowering you feel that you are going to punch through a wall, cry, and ultimately die.

What are you passing on to your children? What will your legacy be?

That’s how powerful our spiritual side is. That’s the ‘self’ traditional living allows us to share.

When we break the mold society has forced us into we’re able to experience the world on our terms and often times that means disregarding entirely the comforts which modern society has told us we absolutely need.

Trad Life in Modern Society

More and more people find themselves desperate for a sense of purpose and meaning.

This is a direct result of the comforts technology has provided us as well as the narrative society has spun and tried to program into our minds.

Through suffering we find purpose.

Men and women are unplugging and detoxing from the poison modern society has injected into their minds. They are stepping away from the screens and instead of shopping malls and electronics, they’re going into their backyard and choosing to experience the world.

When is the last time you truly appreciated a breeze? The color of flowers? The age and beauty of trees?

In an attempt to keep our sense of purpose and satisfaction in life we are shunning technological advances in favor of inferior yet more satisfying products and activities.

  • Hunters will use re-curve or long bows as opposed to compound.
  • Wives will cook from scratch as opposed to ‘ready in 5 minute’ meals.
  • Men will rebuild what is broken as opposed to choosing to ‘just buying another one‘.
  • Women will defer to their man and support him vs being an ‘independent woman who don’t need no man‘.

There are a myriad of examples which can be given, but the universal truth between each piece of evidence in favor of trad living being presented is that it comes from authentic living.

When we think, act, and live in accordance with who are on the inside, the greater our level of joy and living will be.

The software society is programming and the support of the female imperative over the male has led to men repressing who they are and women absolutely depleting themselves of the essence which would otherwise fill them with the greatest pride and happiness.

We have to choose to take back our lives and the manner in which we live out our days.

You can sit there and scroll or hours or you can go outside and live.

Place your children in front of a screen or take them on a hike.

You can be overly critical with your spouse or you can learn to love again.

Men are men and women are women, there should be no discussion on what that means or whether it is an ‘outdated’ style of thinking.

Tradition is timeless

Create Traditions for Lasting Success

Some people on Twitter and Reddit are so caught up in the realm of politics and global affairs that they forget about the beauty which exists in their own backyard.

As the masculine leader of your clan, you have the opportunity, right here and now to break yourself, your spouse, and your children from this state of fear which is perpetually spun by MSM and society as a whole.

I don’t get too involved in politics because I’m much more focused on living in my corner and helping other men reclaim their own.

You can set your children up for a life filled with authenticity if:

A) You choose to live authentically yourself as your children are going to follow your example not your advice.

B) You instill tradition in their lives from an early age (keep in mind it’s never too late).

  • I do not allow my children to watch TV or play on any electronics if the sun is out.
  • If someone older enters the room, the youngest person gets up from their seat.
  • During Holidays we come together without phones, distractions, etc.
  • Every 4th of July I read the Declaration of Independence
  • The Family eats together and during the meal we each share two things about our day.
  • I read to my kids and allow them to stay up late if they’re reading next to me.

The examples are limitless, but each of these habits or ‘traditions’ I’m instilling in my kids are things which they will pass along to their children.

My kids will never sit there scrolling along on their phone while their children play because that isn’t how they were raised.

We don’t own the present, we are simply taking what our fathers gave us and we’re passing it to our children. Make sure you don’t drop the ball and if your parents were garbage, then it’s time you stopped sulking and did it better.

Create your own traditions.

Create your own frame free from societal influence and build the reality which you want your children to exist and thrive in. By instilling these ‘default to tradition‘ behaviors, you’re installing software in your kid’s minds that will bring them future success.

When your son or daughter wonder what to do as a new parent, they’ll look back to what their parents did. If you did it right, they’re likely to do the same. Give them that gift, invest in your future generations by raising them right today.

90% of being a good parent is giving presence instead of presents.

My kids were born in ’09 & ’12 I don’t know what generation they are grouped into, but I know that when people describe their generation, my kids are the exception.


Because their parents instilled traditional values and completely disregarded society’s narrative as to how we show raise them.

If you want your kids to succeed, then make sure you don’t find yourself identifying with the reality shows or examples society promotes as what a kid ‘should’ be.

It is in traditional living that you will find the freedom to live as you were meant to live; free from repression of self and that nagging desire to find purpose.

Trad Life gives you the freedom to fully express who you are and all of the joy that comes with it.

Create your traditions today and forever live by them.

Take Action and Take Care,


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