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What you take from this life is up to you. Just remember, there is no shortcut to any place worth going.

What you take from this life is up to you; just remember, there is no shortcut to any place worth going.

As a masculine male you are a rare creature (at least in the United States). You’ve probably noticed that your demeanor either leads to people either flocking towards you, attracted to your aura of power and confidence or it repels them as you are a mirror that forces them to look at their own mediocre existence.

This life is incredibly easy, it’s possibly the first time in human history that you’ve got to go out and intentional insert discomfort into your life.

Just because I’m saying life is easy doesn’t mean I’m saying it’s simple or not filled with challenges.

How can life be easy yet filled with challenges?

This is possible because masculine men desire challenges; they thrive on the test to their resolve and find comfort in the discomfort of being pushed outside the ‘comfort zone’. It is through adversity and finding that inner resolve that men are forged in our society. For each man that path will be unique and every single step you take will be done under your own efforts, nobody can help you walk your path in life that burden is yours alone.

Find peace in that.

You are your only problem, you are your only solution.

As a married man and father, how can I say such a thing?!

That’s the main question I’ve been asked in the past; as if saying that I pursue my mission alone is somehow blasphemous. Then again, these are the same people who, after each award I’ve ever received in the military and civilian sector, chime in with the ‘Every strong man is only able to accomplish great things because of the strong woman supporting him’.

Needless to say, their verbiage doesn’t carry much weight on any subject in my eyes.

My wife is complementary to my mission, but she is not my mission itself. No, that is something I had to go out and find on my own.

To paint the picture of what it is I mean by ‘walking alone‘, something most men understand, but for those who haven’t embraced their authentic nature or for the women reading this blog I will break it down further.

My wife walks parallel to me (more accurately a step behind as she’s following my lead), my kids behind me, and the cat, well, who really gives a shit?  I would say the only person whom I fully trust and would say could be walking my path with me, isn’t a person at all, it’s my dog.

He is the only thing on this planet that loves me more than himself and I truly appreciate that. I have learned a lot from him as I’ve walked this path. The biggest lesson being, enjoy the now. My dog doesn’t hold grudges, he is genuinely happy in each moment.

Life is rough? Fuck it, smile.

Sometimes it's lonely and that's ok. Find comfort in the discomfort, find joy in being alone with your 'self'.

Sometimes it’s lonely and that’s ok. Find comfort in the discomfort, find joy in being alone with your ‘self’.

As men living in accordance with our biological programming we need to find joy in being outnumbered, outgunned, and not really fitting in with everyone else. You see, it isn’t in meeting others expectations or fitting the mold of another person that makes you a man. Being a man means you are walking your own path, alone; you decide who you are and what you become. Don’t be the guy you think others will approve of, be you, do you.

My ‘Rite of Passage‘ to living this life was through my military service. I was fortunate in the sense that I “manned up” at 19 and before marriage. I followed what I thought was the natural progression of a man’s life, I made my wife go through a deployment before tying the knot, then we had kids, got the house, etc.

Through all of this I did what I thought was right and what I genuinely wanted to do, not what other people expected me to do, I walked my path, not theirs.

I worked out hard, focused on doing what was ‘right’ over what was easy, and against the wishes of my wife, I re-enlisted after sea duty. Again, I did this because I had to. Did it upset the Mrs? Not really, she understood shore duty would mean I’d be home which she appreciated but it highlights the greater point that I didn’t need permission to pursue my mission, I just did it.

I don’t add this as a pat on the back for me, as I don’t need internet hugs. I include this information to point out that I did what I felt I had to in order to follow my mission in life.  Through the military and discovering “The Manosphere” I’ve been able to keep from falling victim to becoming what I was expected to become by our weaksauce society.

I’ve got different priorities than the single masculine guy, but our mission is the same.

Do the best, be the best, and achieve the most. Even when working with a team, you alone are responsible for your actions.

The success or failures you experience are entirely up to you. You must accept this fact as it is not a discussion piece nor is it debatable. What you do, what you achieve, and the perspective you take on issues is solely on you.

You'll reach the greatest heights ONLY if you put in the greatest effort.

You’ll reach the greatest heights only if you put in the greatest effort.

Reaching the point where you aren’t following another person’s code or expectation is the level every man single or married needs to reach. You need to become masculine you don’t act masculine.

The change must be internal and you must make them for your ‘self’ and no other. If you want the world, then get it. By doing this, you’ll fill the masculine role which you were born to fill. You will allow others to be who they were meant to be as they will feed off the way you embrace your individual identity and no bullshit attitude.

You do this by instilling discipline through lifting, reading, having sex, saying fuck the TV and going outside (with your kids if you have them), and setting the bar from which excellence is measured in every facet of your life.

You do all of this without a safety net.

If you nuke your marriage or make a woman your mission and she bails, that’s on you and for you to process.

Again, the victim puke, anger phase, and period of ‘digestion’ for acceptance of reality varies but the universal truth is that nobody is going to live your life but you.

You make the choice.

For the guys on here who are married and are thinking, “I hate my marriage because The Red Pill says that’s what I should do.” Or single dudes thinking, “I have to spin plates, because that’s ‘Alpha’” …gentlemen you’re missing the point.

Do. You.

Unfortunately, discussing Red Pill concepts without ever applying them leads to zero change in your life.

For the newly unplugged guy, I understand, you’re learning the ropes. But once you’ve had some time to accept reality and all of the social proof you see in society, then you’ve got to stop talking and start doing.

For the dudes who are coming out of the anger phase, you need to begin accepting that women are women and that we should love them for it. What’s the point of getting angry at women for not thinking and acting like men?

We, as men, neither need the approval of our peers, nor do we need ‘internet men’ to live our lives. We need to do what comes natural, we need to lift heavy things, lead, live, confront, love, have passion, always improve, and do what makes us happy & not what is expected of us.

It’s our path and we walk it alone.

It' long, cold, and free from recognition and praise. I wouldn't have it any other way.

It’ long, cold, and free from recognition and praise. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you’re 30 and people are pushing the ‘Get Married, settle down message’ Tell them to fuck off, this is your path not theirs.

The authentic man walks to the beat of his own drum and when something doesn’t serve a purpose, he discards it. This is true of individuals as well as their opinions, discard them.

There are too many stereotypes and ‘expected pathways’ for men to take and it’s past time we completely destroyed the idea that men must follow a certain order of operations in life.

I’d much rather see guys doing whatever they want, owning their shit, and choosing their paths for themselves than simply falling in line and supporting the female imperative.

The road is long and cold, there are hours spent alone reading and lifting. It is through these trials and tribulations that you discover who you are as a man. I don’t expect my woman to ‘get’ me and neither should you.

They want the muscles, not to hear of the hours it took to get them.

They want the charm, not the hours spent reading up on game & kino.

They are women, let them enjoy the ride while you steer the ship.

Take Action and Take Care,

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