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Today I’m kicking this old engine back into gear.

That’s right, The Family Alpha is back.

I’d attempted to create a new website where I would be writing under my real name and no longer going at it as Hunter, but it didn’t feel right; I couldn’t find my voice.


Seems like so long ago Hunter Drew was running TFA

My heart was in the right place, I was trying to live with integrity and create a new website where I started from the beginning creating content as Zac.

The problem?

I was authentic the entire time I was writing here (sans the name) so the content here was indeed, from Zac already.

I simply couldn’t find my voice writing at the other website, I couldn’t tap into my flow state no matter how hard I tried.

You’d think changing a website wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but internally to me, it was and the proof was in the lack of pudding being created.

Already, just writing this “return to TFA” piece and I’m finding my groove; it feels good to be back here, the place where I’ve spent so many years.


Admitting To Mistakes

Creating a new website after dropping the pen name was a mistake.

Again, I’d created these reasons and justifications as to why it was the authentic move to make and that I’d be able to simply pick up where I left off here, but that wasn’t the case.

I was wrong.

I should have owned everything I’ve done and said on this blog and simple carried on forward as Zac as soon as I knew I was dropping “Hunter”.

I didn’t and the end result was two months of damn near zero production.

I made a mistake, here and now I’m making amends.


What’s To Come?

From here on out I’ll be creating content designed to help you gain insights and actions you can take to improve your awareness and position in life.

From leading your family and finding purpose to keeping your relationship fresh and living a life you look forward to waking up to each day.

I’ll be updating the site, polishing up the image a bit, and laying out the new foundation from which the next tier of content delivery will occur.

The Family Alpha is back, stay tuned.

Take Action and Take Care,


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Thank you.

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