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Red Pill

The Importance of Youth Sports

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You need to put your kids in sports.   Youth sports are a crucial aspect to the optimal development of a child's mind. This transcends a championship mindset which is the result of building confidence and competence, it goes beyond the social proof of a bedroom lined with medals and trophies, competing in youth sports also instills discipline, empathy, grit,...
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Repressed Masculinity is the only type of “Toxic Masculinity” there is.

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      "Toxic Masculinity" isn't real, at least not in the sense mainstream media says it is. There is only one form of toxic masculinity and that is repressed masculinity. Oppressed masculinity becomes repressed masculinity which turns to depressed masculinity. All that rhyming simply means when you're told to bottle up all of that biological programming, it makes you a sad individual...
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