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How Removing Distractions Can Make You a Better Husband, Father, & Friend

By Marriage & Relationships
Men are struggling to maximize their relationships. The problem I've discovered over the years is that these men have forgotten what exactly they're supposed to be bringing to the relationship. It's like when you're invited to a cookout and someone says, "Just bring whatever you want" you're left there wondering:   Do they need something? What do I want to...
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How Am I Doing As A Father?

By Parenting
There are many men out there asking themselves and the internet, "How can I better a better father?".   I get it, I also want to be the best and in my pursuit of giving my children what I believe is the best father I've chosen to embody my morals and values, I've dropped methods my father used on me...
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Creating Business Opportunities in Chaotic Times

By Mentality, Physicality, Spirituality, & Business No Comments
My sister (Brieanna) and her fiance (Keith) are cool people who created James' Pure and Wholesome Skincare, a business which is an excellent example of how necessity truly is the mother of invention.   Photo Courtesy of Rae Shorter Photography You see, last September they had their first child who was born with Prader-Willi Syndrome, a genetic disorder which manifests...
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Raising Government Drones

By Parenting No Comments
The way our parents were raised is not the we should be raising our children. They trusted the government to take care of them, are we so sure that's the case today? The world has changed and we must do so as well. If we want to maintain our freedoms & live as sovereign individuals, we need to stop stifling...
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