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The Disappointment of Improvement

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  There is an aspect to the development of self which is incredibly frustrating. It's the greatest downside to improvement there is, yet nobody talks about it. When you are taking charge of your life, seeing new gains in the gym, finding new veins on your body, and mentally feeling more joy and clarity than ever before, what could possibly...
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The Walking Dad

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I've never watched the Walking Dead but what I have seen is enough commercials and people who love to talk about it so I have an idea as to what the show is about. Keeping that in mind, when I think of The Walking Dead and try to relate it to the world we live in, what I envision is...
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Lifting is step #1 towards reclaiming masculinity

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If you don’t believe in you, then why should your family? If you've decided that you're going to start acting like a man again, owning your shit, and leading your family, then you must start lifting weights.   Don't give an excuse as to why this is something which can be avoided, worked around, or cut out completely as you're bullshitting yourself...
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