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Your Kid Is Not An iChild

By Parenting
Modern parenting comes with modern problems which didn't exist when we (today's parents) were kids. These problems literally didn't exist which means, we never developed a defense or awareness to what we had to look out for when raising children of our own.   Social Media and Tech changed the landscape and the world is never going back; we need...
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Selfish Men Are Better Men

By Marriage & Relationships
Altruism has been deemed the "Ultimate Virtue" by individuals who seek neither responsibility for their life nor expectations of action at their feet.   The principles of your life and decision making process cannot be out-sourced to pseudo concern for the happiness of other people; Quitting all of your hobbies to be a "good" husband and father or allowing mainstream...
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The Family Man Side Hustle Plan

By Mentality, Physicality, Spirituality, & Business No Comments
For those who don't know I make my living by writing here, running my YouTube Channel, selling affiliate products, and running the Fraternity of Excellence which I CoFounded with Craig James. This didn't happen quickly, at all. What I'm going to do is break down a timeline of sorts, which will be a very rough picture of how I've gotten to this point for...
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