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One of the most necessary actions a man must take on his journey towards becoming a man is to accept reality for what it is and not what he wants it to be.

You see, we all want the same thing.

We want life to be easy, we want women to love us the same way we love them, we want unlimited sexual access to our wives and girlfriends for life, and we don’t want to have to deal with their dissociation and solipsistic behavior.


Blue Pill married men, the unmasculine population of our wedded brothers are living clowns.

That’s not our reality and to think otherwise (or complain about it) is clown (aka chump) behavior

Men need to stop wasting their limited time and valuable mental energy on trying to change the way the world works.

Instead, they (we) need to shift our perspectives, focus on embracing reality and finding comfort in the discomfort of masculine living in a weak society where “the future is female“.


How to love who you are

It’s October 25th 6 days from Halloween, a time where people dress up and become something else for the night. Human, non-human, beast, a character from a show or movie it doesn’t matter because on Halloween you can be anything and it’s all in good fun.

At the end of the night, the mask comes off and you’re back to being who you are for the rest of the 364 days of the year.

A few weeks ago the news was all about the creepy ass clowns that were terrorizing kids and people in towns across the US. This planted a seed in my mind, a seed that has nothing to do with these demented adults terrorizing children instead of going to work.

No, this seed grew and it brought me to the realization that while everyone else is only putting their masks on for this one holiday of the year, most married men are wearing a mask year round.

A clown wears makeup which paints on a permanent smile and whether he’s happy or not that smile is there.

Directionless, emasculated husbands have put this makeup on their soul; they smile on the outside, but inside their heart and mind they are in pain, raging, struggling, confused, and alone.

Married men who’ve decided that once they had a ring put on their finger that they were no longer required to ‘man’ have become modern day clowns. We laugh at the dadbod, we have caricatures like Peter Griffin, Homer Simpson, Kevin James, and Phil Dunphy playing the fat dimwit schtick that married men have become.

We have men saying, Happy Wife Happy Life and true cuckolds saying that their wives deserve a better man that can truly satisfy them.

We’ve got men fighting for feminism and men saying that men and women are equal in all aspects of everything.

Men and women are equivalent, not equal.

There are groups of men who will say, “That’s why you don’t get married”

I write on this blog because I’m not willing to write off the 30 million dudes who are married.

Let’s say 10% of those 30 million guys are masculine men, that leaves 27 million clowns out there, crying behind their smile saying yes when they mean no and I don’t care when they do care very much so about whatever.


You shouldn't be wering a mask year round' it ruins the fun of Halloween

These are the guys who say divorce is not an option when the very nature of masculinity means divorce has to be an option because time and attention will not just be given, it must be earned and if a man’s wife refuses to be a woman of value, then she no longer deserves his time, attention, or commitment.

Gentlemen, if you’ve recently discovered The Family Alpha understand I’m going to punch your ego in the mouth and force you to take a long look in the mirror.


Why you need to live an authentic life

I’m sure you’ll start to see the makeup that you’ve been using to hide your true self for all of these years, possibly your entire life.


  • Every time you held back your anger, dissatisfaction, or swallowed your pride and did what you were told “real” men do you put on another coat of clown makeup on.
  • Every time you told your wife you didn’t care when she asked you for guidance/forced her to lead because you were too weak you put a coat on.
  • Every time you skipped going to the gym or eating right because it was easier to sit, watch Netflix, and destroy a bag of flaming hot Cheetos you put a coat on.

You need to begin the process of wiping it away, today.

I’ve always said that masculinity begets femininity. You’ve got to wipe the makeup off your soul before you can ever expect the men and women in your life (including your wife and children) to respect you and give you the admiration that is taken by driven men.

That ‘aura’ you see around men who own their shit and own this life comes from letting your genuine soul shine and choosing to live a genuine life.

You cannot expect your sex life to increase in frequency & quality, your professional life to advance, or your interpersonal life with your wife and children to improve until you fix yourself. This means that you’ve got to choose to wipe off all those coats of makeup that you’ve used to repress your true self for all of these years.

Depending on how long you’ve repressed your true nature, this may take some time.

But wipe after wipe you’ll begin to see the raw ‘self’ underneath.


  1. Every time you choose to say what you want instead of ‘I don’t care’ that’s a wipe.
  2. Every time you draw a boundary and enforce it when tested, that’s a wipe.
  3. Every time you give 100% in the gym, dedicate time to self-improvement through reading & leading, or you choose the right path over the easy one those are wipes.


How to save your relationship

Eventually you’ll find that one day it just clicks.

You are gaming your wife without even trying, you and her are laughing and flirting again. You’ll find your kids are listening and following your example with reading, fitness, and being their genuine selves.

You’ll find men challenging you and valuing your opinion on topics. All of this is a part of the final wipe and removal of the makeup you are no longer a clown.


With the makeup removed, a man can man again.

Once this occurs, do not take your foot off the gas as there is no end to this game we call life. It’s improvement to the grave, so keep finding things in life that are hard and work to make them easy; once they’re easy, find something else that is hard.


Masculinity prospers in challenging environments.

Immerse yourself in the moments, embrace the challenges that come with leading a family; find joy and comfort in the discomfort of having to remain unpredictable while you keep your wife on her toes.

You weren’t a clown because you chose to get married, you became a clown because you chose to act and think the way you were told others wanted you to act and think. You were putting on a show in the hopes of getting the kickback of respect, sex, and admiration that Disney had promised you in all of those movies.


You become a professional covert contract writer

This is the reality, your masculinity is what makes you attractive; it’s what gets you laid, earns you respect, and leads to a regret free life.

Stop putting on a show for the people around you. Stop playing the part of the clown in the play of life.

You aren’t a character, you are a man.

There are enough clowns in the world; choose to be real, raw, and have an awesome time while you do it.

Take Action and Take Care,


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