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We’re living in a time where big government is telling us we need to stay away from one another.

The byproduct of this separation from friends and extended family is that it has the potential to make your family closer than ever.

We have an opportunity during these stressful times to find peace and connection with our loved ones, if we do it right.



The Family That Rises, Wins…

You know who is going to come out of the Corona Lockdown in the best shape?

Those who maintained a schedule and didn’t allow the craziness to lead to laziness.


  1. That means you are waking up before you “have to“.
  2. It means getting dressed in something besides maximized comfort.
  3. Getting your entire family to do the same with you.

A structured home is a home that is not panicking during these times of an economic wild west.

Your wife and kids don’t have time to worry about the news if they have you filling their day with activities to include scheduled downtime.

It’s alright to sit and chill, hell maybe that’s what you need more of.

But let’s be real, sitting on social media and scrolling on electronic devices is most certainly not relaxing for your mind.

Get the family together for some reading sessions where you all grab a book and hang out in a room reading.

Maybe you all do a “paint night” at home with a goal in mind and everyone compares their interpretations of what a Cat looks like.

Fun little activities that get your mind up and moving as opposed to pulling them down back in the fear which mainstream media wants you stuck inside.


You cannot trust Mainstream Media


Perpetual outrage is the name of their game.

It’s the job of modern “news” agencies to keep you fearful and angry as those emotions will keep you clicking on links which have ads.

That can’t happen if you’re up and moving around, focusing on the real world over the electronic one.

You need to read just enough to stay aware, no more or less.

You also need to ensure that your source is a proven to be reliable and is as objective as humanly possible.

The family that wins is the one who had their eyes off the screen and on each-other. The bonds forged will be tighter than ever and so much preventable pain will be avoided.

Do not allow the stress to fracture your home.


If you are going to be looking at a screen, ensure it’s to improve your performance in life. My Fatherhood for Modern Times program is designed to do exactly that.


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Focus on what you can control


The world’s problems are not your problems.

Sure, the consequences of certain events impact your life, but let’s not sit here and believe for one second that you tracking every States case count of the Corona Virus or how the UK is on some sort of lockdown is impacting your life.

You need to look at your:


  • Family
  • Finances
  • Health
  • Relationships

and everything else which is under your direct control and focus on that.

Don’t get so caught up in trying to keep up; that’s like looking a mile down the road and refusing to watch where you’re walking.

You’re going to suffer a completely preventable misstep and mess things up on the home front.

Take care of yourself and focus 100% on how you are going to position yourself to come out of this best.

Don’t worry about America, don’t worry about companies going under, don’t worry about anything that has nothing to do with you.

Again, I’m not saying don’t be aware, I’m saying don’t worry about these things. It’s unhealthy to do so and draining you of time and energy which could again, be spent on positioning yourself to come out of this better than you entered.

Make the best of your day to day and let everyone else running around like chickens with their head cut off, don’t follow that herd, do you and come out of this a winner.

Doing so will create an example for your family to follow which will again, tighten bonds as you will all be relaxing together and getting through each day as they come while other relationships will implode from the constant stress they’re placing on themselves.

Enjoy your time with the family, soak it in.

Take Action and Take Care,


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