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I’m thankful the flame of masculinity is spreading..

This is the second Thanksgiving that I’ve been writing for The Family Alpha (First Thanksgiving post here) and I can’t believe the changes that there have been from Thanksgiving 2015 to today. I’ve got a few reasons I am thankful and would like to remind you of a few that should put a smile on your face this Thanksgiving as well.


The first thing would have to be something that didn’t change, which is that I’m still married. This is a testament to both my wife as well as myself. We are individuals pursuing advancement in our personal/professional lives as well as remaining committed to one another as lovers. There’s no “Family Alpha” without the family.

Second, there’s still a Family Alpha.

I almost quit on it this year; for those who’ve been following you probably noticed there was roughly 4 months where nothing was written, tweeted, or posted on Reddit.

This was a period of introspection from which I wasn’t sure TFA would come out of.

Dealing with full time grad school, full time husband/dad, full time work, the blog, thinking my message wasn’t understood by anyone, coaching both kid’s sports team, etc. It all came to a head and there was a moment where I put Chopin on my phone, walked into my shower, turned it hot, and just sat down.

It was a journey of the soul I went on, I was either going to end TFA or I was going to commit fully to it. I chose to keep grinding; I started posting again, getting on Reddit with MRP & TRP, and started to take twitter seriously.

This was roughly July and I went from 39 followers to 1,174 as of writing this post. I walked out of that shower and the mess in my mind had been cleaned and I was once again operating at max capacity.

I have projects for a few smaller ‘ebooks’ to be released, I’m currently working to get a legit logo, and I’m interacting with brilliant minds online who’ve led to me raising my personal standard. Also, I’m only 4 classes away from my Master’s so that in itself motivates me to buckle down and knock it out.

My personal year blogging has been awesome and I know I’ve got at least another 3 years (if not more) of writing in me. If these next few years are anything like the first, I’ll be the happiest guy I know and nobody in my life outside of my wife will know why.

My Fellow Man

We’ve got more and more resources popping up that are preaching the message of embracing masculinity and breaking the mold society has created for men. Rollo is dropping a book, Illimitable Man is dropping a book soon (I think), and the entire Manosphere is still operating and growing; great news as more and more men are raising their standard as a man.

Trump is in the damn White House. I was pretty sure if Hillary was elected the Manosphere would be ruined as she’d ensure anything positively supporting masculinity would become hate speech as it didn’t include Trans or Women. I still can’t believe he pulled it off, I did my part and am still pumped when I think of that night.

Lastly, you should be thankful because you’re a man.

You are still capable of doing whatever it is you want or need to do to improve your quality of life. Grab your balls and commit to change, you don’t need permission, you need action. So commit to the change, burn your ship, and discover a life of joy and raw masculine power.

Start doing and you’ll be able to finish 2016 with some awesome momentum to launch you into 2017; the year you take total ownership of life for the rest of your days. I didn’t know it at the time, but 2017 was also going to be the birth of The Fraternity of Excellence.

Today is the day gentlemen.

Make this day the day you commit fully to living your life as a genuine man, no longer repressing your masculinity but expressing it in all of its glory. Your freedom of ‘self’ will allow them to fill their roles as well, the ripple effect will grow.

Happy Thanksgiving to all

Take Action and Take Care this Thanksgiving,

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