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our children are your flesh and blood, not a billboard for you to promote your personal agenda.

This piece has been in the works for a few weeks now. The reason for this lengthy ‘write time’ is I wasn’t exactly sure how I would be able to cover the concept of ‘Politically Correct’ parenting without breaking it into a ‘series’ of sorts.

I’m not a fan of series, I write about a certain topic or topics a day, then I am off to ponder another aspect of masculinity. To write at length for multiple days on a single topic just isn’t my style. So, I had to find a way to take all of what PC parenting is and strip it down to my specific gripes and what I think parents should be doing in regards to rearing their children. I am not going to tell you how to raise your child, as a father of two I am doing my best and giving my all, but I don’t know if my way is the ‘right’ way, I just know it’s the best way I believe they should be raised.

With that said, there may not be a ‘right’ way, but there definitely is a wrong way.

Raising your children under the notion that they should be groomed for blending in with society, not making waves, and tolerating everything thus believing in nothing is not how children should be raised.

I have a 6 year old boy and 3 year old girl, so that is where I am coming from. For those who are ready to blast me for even suggesting parents could be doing it wrong, fire away, you’re an idiot if you think there isn’t something wrong with raising a kid ‘gender neutral’.

I’ve had people tell me that I should enroll my daughter in football and baseball to keep her ‘well rounded’, I’m sure these people will also be sending me space camp, math prodigy, and science summer camp pamphlets for her as she gets older.  My daughter loves glitter, her dolls, and all things make-up, purses, and jewelry. She is enrolled in dance/ballet and loves her tutu.

Why is that a problem?

Also, why aren’t they pushing that same message for my son?

It seems to me that the only message being pushed to my son is to repress who he is and to support everything female.

Let your girl express her feminine beauty, allow her to embrace who she is.

Let your girl express her feminine beauty, allow her to embrace who she is.

Some feminists and “Pro Gender-Neutral” parents have a major issue with girls being girls. As if a female, acting in accordance with her female biology is somehow selling out the entire sex and ruining the work that was put in from millions of women before her time.

These feminazis tell girls to not allow ‘men’ to dictate what clothes, degrees, and jobs they should have and instead, take it upon themselves to tell the girls what clothes, degrees, and jobs they should have. It makes no sense that I should make my daughter do and play masculine activities for the sake of ‘equality’. That isn’t raising her in accordance with her wishes, which would just be me pushing the female imperative even further.

Here’s an idea, let your kid choose. Let your girl tell you if she is in to science or glitter and support her either way. Same thing with boys, my son is into sports, if he was into the clarinet I’d support that too.

Girls are girls & boys are boys and that is A-O-K, they’re equivalent, not equal.

Don’t allow society to use your children to push their agenda. If you’re the one pushing them into your chosen direction, recognize that living vicariously through your child is possibly one of the worst things a parent can do. You will forever doom the child to wondering if they are making these life choices for themselves or is it to make gender neutral mommy and daddy happy.

Should my daughter feel bad for playing with dolls and enjoying makeup? Should my son feel bad to doing man shit?

It’s ridiculous to even consider telling a child that he or she can choose to be a him or her. This leads to some serious confusion and self-identity issues.

Your boy will display masculine traits from the onset, embrace that do not repress it.

Your boy will display masculine traits from the onset, embrace that do not repress it.

Allow the boy to be a boy. Allow the boys to wrestle and rough house, be competitive, scoff at weakness and shun sharing their tears & feelings. If the girls want dresses and pink, then support it.

Allow your children to live in accordance with their biological programming. Doing otherwise leads to men who have never embraced their masculinity and women who are afraid to ever be submissive to a man out of societal pressure. Both will feel the void in their heart. They will forever feel that there is a missing piece to their puzzle, that the picture just isn’t quite whole.

As a parent it is your job to protect your child, raise it to the best of your ability with the tools you have, and to be the example for the child to emulate. With this in mind; Moms, be moms with your feminine beauty flowing. Dads, be masculine guys who show their sons what it means to be a man and set the bar from which your daughter will measure other men. It isn’t politically correct of me to say that little boys and little girls are different and therefore should be dealt with in a different manner.


I don’t write to get the most likes or follows, I write to get the message out there and to say what needs to be said. Stop raising your girls to believe they are the same as boys because they aren’t and when your daughter gets crushed by the stronger, faster, and larger football player you’ll realize that.

I talked about exactly this with Craig and Rollo.

Also, stop raising your boys to share all of their feelings and that everyone is a winner. It is the reason things like The Red Pill even exist, boys aren’t wired like that and you are forcing them to repress their masculinity when they should be expressing it.

It’s bullshit like this that is preventing an entire generation from achieving their genetic potential as well as reaching the highest level of ‘life satisfaction’.

Which, when you think of it is the most important lesson that a parent should pass on to their children; teaching them to love their true ‘self’. It is a sad fact that this sense of self confidence and ‘love’ is becoming more and more uncommon.

Love your kids enough to allow them to enjoy the person they are walking their life path with, themselves.

Take Action and Take Care,


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