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So many people live their lives in quiet contained climate-controlled boxes; For decades this goes on, a life safe from making waves or being noticed…

In my eyes, that’s dying before your heart stops beating.


If you want to maintain your identity as an individual, regardless of relationship status or age, read on as I’m sharing my top two pieces of advice.

Let it also be known, I don’t expect people to be obnoxiously blasting their radios or making a racket for the sake of chaos and noise; but damn, when did everyone become so fucking meek and passive?


Why are we so afraid to be noticed?

There are plenty of events and creations which have brought us to this place as a society, most notably, social media with environmental damage following as a close second.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how we got to this point, all that matters is after reading this, you break free from the spell society has cast upon you.

When it comes to doing the things that make you, you; if what you’re waiting for is permission, I am granting it now.


Turn the radio up


Put your windows down and turn your music up.

I’ll be honest, there have been quite a few rides where I’ve had the radio off, but my windows are down and my smile is on.

In 31 Days to Masculinity there is a day that calls for you to release a primal yell. This is one of the favorite days and challenges by-far because it allows you to fully release that pent up stress, frustration, and joy; it allows the soul to breath.


Turning your radio up from time to time has the same effect on your heart and soul; sometimes it just feels good to rock out to whatever kind of music you like. Let yourself feel electrified, release the power, allow yourself to be heard once in a while.

I’ve sung Frozen, Moana, Queen, Slipknot, etc.

Whatever fits your mood that day, belt it out.

It’s OK to lose yourself to the tunes, even better when you’ve got the family in the vehicle and they see that they’re allowed to be a little less serious in life as well.


Your family will follow your example, not your advice.

Lighten up and get back to listening to loud music without worrying whether people will judge you for singing along with Nick Lachey and 98 Degrees or when you’re trying to figure out, what does the fox say?


Buy Yourself Something to Play With

Have you ever been told you were “compensating” by driving a fast car, getting a motorcycle, lifting your Jeep or Truck, wearing nicer clothes, or collecting firearms?

If so, understand that was someone else who is afraid of sharing their authentic self with the world trying to keep you in the bucket.


Make sure you’ve got a giant ‘Fuck You‘ ready for all those who continually try to minimize your passions into trivial “compensatory” objects.

What brings joy into your life is for you and you alone.

I can’t tell you how many people have said that they settled down after marriage and kids; trading in the truck for a Kia Optima.

Masculinity is not something you do, it’s who you are.

Buy the truck, buy the gun, climb the mountain, buy the guitar, buy the drums, get the camping gear, buy what you want for you. Don’t buy these things because you think they’ll make you a man, they won’t. What you need to do is invest in you, feel free to buy what it is you want without a concern of it being too boujee.

Neither getting married nor having children is justification to you castrating your former self in order to follow the path others are living. The masses are not the proper example to follow, you need to look for those who still have that fire in their heart, soul, and in their relationship.

If you like fast cars, big trucks, guns, or collecting old books keep that passion alive.

Life is too short to get rid your toys and to stop having fun in order to “grow up“. In fact, if you stop doing what attracted your woman in the first place, you’re going to be having much larger relationship issues than just lost hobbies.

The same goes for age; growing older doesn’t mean you’ve got to get a tie, work 9-5, and drive a safe and reliable fuel-efficient vehicle.

Remove the notion that conformity is what’s required to live a good life and replace it with authentic desires. Instead of worrying about making waves, get back to surfing them.

Keep your passions alive; do not allow others to minimalize the importance or joy you experience from them.

Life is too short to waste a day trying to live the life others view as acceptable.

Do your thing and notice the envy in their eyes.

Acta Non Verba,


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