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Kneeling for the National Anthem is nothing more than socially accepted virtue signaling, “checking of a box” if you will, and being an asshole.

People want to appear to care about several social injustices so they’ve jumped on this bandwagon of kneeling as it demonstrates “they stand with you” with the exception that they aren’t standing for anything.


Unlike these athletes, I refuse to allow societal pressure to force me to bend the knee; No matter how much push-back I receive or how much people want me to just “go with the flow” and not make waves, I simply can’t.

What’s right is right and I refuse to stay quiet because it’s easier that way.


Die on your feet, don’t live on your knees, right?

Let’s be totally honest about the athletes above who are taking a knee:


  1. Those kneeling during the anthem can only do so because in this country that right is granted to them. Granted to them by people like myself who dedicated years of our lives to ensuring the fight never came to America’s door, many offering the ultimate sacrifice, that of their lives. In a few other countries, these athletes would be killed; How many would be kneeling then?
  2. If systemic racism was a “thing70% of the NFL and 74.3% of the NBA wouldn’t be black. (The Rest: NHL: 3% “Non-White” & MLB: 7.7%).
  3. Why aren’t athletes refusing to play? Is it because the security of their job and potential money to be made is a greater priority than standing up for their beliefs? Is this a hill they’re willing to kneel for but not die on aka actually do something leading to change?
  4. Why aren’t these athletes channeling their time and money into the neighborhoods affected, leading campaigns to remove poor performing elected officials from office, and breaking ties with any companies who were complicit to the injustices being targeted for correction. EXAMPLE: NBA players have no problem continuing to play for their league even though they’ve partnered with China NBA which is currently committing a genocide and abusing its players, “but muh kneeling matters, right?Disgraceful.


Is Kneeling For The Flag Disrespectful?

I recently shared a photo on Instagram and Facebook that said, “Men Stand & Bitches Kneel” with a Sailor who’s likely making less than $50k a year that is holding the American flag while kneeling multimillionaires virtue signaled behind him (Photo below).

Kneeling while the national anthem of your country is being played, is disrespectful.

Again, it is also your right to do so, but if your aim is to improve the issues of this country, your efforts would be better spent actually doing something as opposed to looking like you’re doing something.

Listen, I am completely against everything the Black Lives Matter organization stands for -sorry- kneels for, while being completely for addressing and eliminating all forms of:


  • Racism
  • Censorship (All Social Media Platforms)
  • Abuse of authority (Police, Government, Town Councils)

My best friend growing up was Colombian, my best friends in the Navy were every mix of every color, and one of the Marines I was closest to was from fucking Palau.

My resume when it comes to being a validated “not racist” is spotless.

I’m an American:


  • I believe every one of my fellow Americans deserves the exact same freedoms and liberties granted by this nation.
  • I believe every Police Officer who abuses his authority should be fired and face the judicial system.
  • I believe every Politician, Police Chief, and person sitting on a Town Council who’ve “turned a blind eye” to any form of discrimination should be removed from office.
  • I believe the American Flag should be given the highest form of respect and any encroachment on American liberties should be met with the fiercest confrontation.

In the United States, the color of your skin neither entitles you to any benefit nor does it lead to any detriment towards your standing.


Now you know exactly where I stand on this and hopefully you’ll view people’s actions through a lens of judging the actual impact they’re having and the true nature of why they’re doing what they’re doing.

If we want change, we’re going to need to unite and make it so together, by standing up and taking action which forces our voices to be heard.

Where do you start?

At the top of your local community.


  • Work to replace town officials who do nothing.
  • Lead campaigns to remove the Chief of Police who brushes excessive use of force under the table.
  • Run for office yourself, rallying those around you to getting off their knees and asses and into groups patrolling neighborhoods, cleaning the local area, and supporting small businesses over corporations who don’t care about you.

If change is what you’re after, understand that it’s going to hurt and make you uncomfortable; you may have to give up the conveniences you once enjoyed, instead choosing to hit those in charge where it hurts them most, their money and their power.

Take both away and then you’ll see the change that you’re after.

It’s either that or continue to take a knee and take the loss because you’re too weak to stand up to tyranny.

Take A Stand,


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