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There are certain behaviors which command respect, especially as a man.

You may want to follow the narrative that gender is a social construct, but biology trumps modern feelings and there are behaviors exhibited by males in all species that lends them to being masculine actions.

If you want to be the man women are attracted to and men respect, it would do you well to both understand and publicly display your capability to both think and act like such a man.


Want to be treated like a man? Do man shit.

I wrote a piece titled 10 Ways to keep your wife on her toes which has become one of the more popular articles to exist on this site, mainly because it is a cut and dry list that offers immediately applicable advise that can be used to spice up any relationship.

The feedback (still received almost daily) from that piece inspired me to create a more direct, here is what I do and I’ve seen others do type article which is the one you’re reading now.

This is by no means all inclusive, as I don’t write things down when I do them, but it’s a start.

Before getting to the list, you need to keep a few things in mind.

First, this is my list: Some of these things may sound ridiculous and counterproductive, I ensure you I only employ the tactics I know will work or if I am teasing my wife in which I don’t care if they work or not; I will use them just to let her know I’m not a guy she can mold and contain, I’m free and awesome.

Second, these things are aimed towards my wife: I highly recommend you take a few things from this list that you haven’t done before and see what kind of response you get from your lady. For all you know your wife may hate when you grab her hair neck; You won’t know until you try it.

Third, try more than once: Maybe slapping your girl’s ass hard doesn’t work the first time. So, the second time, try tapping it, or lifting it from the bottom of her butt cheek these are things you should be taking mental notes on, if you don’t know your way around a woman’s body, she’ll know.

If you need some help or to get yourself into an area that serves as your “Men’s Locker-room” to talk about these things, look into the Fraternity of Excellence as we’re working to build ourselves as men along with building out skills with the women in our lives.


You’ve got to do things your way as you aren’t me so cater the approach you take to your woman. Your mileage may vary, some of these will be a direct hit, others will fail miserably, who cares?

Remind yourself that you’re here to have fun with it and keep evolving as a man.

I grab my woman and spin her around in public places, at home, family functions, wherever.


You Do You, Who Cares Who’s Watching?



My List of Masculine Moves


  • I will put my arm around her shoulders.
  • In front of a party I will yell out to my wife for whatever:
  • I tell her No when that is how I feel and Yes when that is how I feel. I don’t placate my response to her emotions.
  • I never change who I am or what I feel to avoid confrontation.
  • I will order for her if I know what she wants or if I know there is something I want her to try.
  • I fix stuff around the house that is broken
  • I train her when she wants to lift weights with me
  • I will hold her hand anytime anywhere. Other couples are separating, I try to keep it fresh and romantic like when we were teenagers. I see couples sit across the table from us, feet apart while when we sit together in a booth or table, we are right near one another, holding inner thighs, hands, and just fooling around and enjoying each other.
  • I break out into ballroom dance in the middle of anywhere, spinning her around. Whether it is the mall, the park, a party, middle of the street, wherever.
  • I keep eye contact with her and those around me
  • I refuse to cater my voice or actions to those around me
  • I make my reality everyone’s and in my world it’s ok for boys to wrestle, girls to do girl things, men to fight then make-up, and since I believe I can do anything, others believe I can do anything.
  • I drive when I know the weather sucks or there will be traffic, I drive 95% of the time anywhere anyways except when it’s a nice day and Jackie wants to cruise in her Jeep.
  • I plan out vacations with her as well as surprising her from time to time
  • I try to do something out of the blue once a week, something as small as showing up with flowers and planning a hike for us, to something as large as surprising her with a vacation.
  • I keep her on her toes by remaining unpredictable and always improving
  • I don’t play “yes man” to anyone. (If you have seen the movie Daddy’s Home with Ferrell and Wahlburg – Ferrell’s character cannot say no to anyone, even his wife’s ex. Everything is yes and I don’t do that. I don’t break my back for everyone, only those truly in need and even then, only if I view them to be worthy.)
  • I listen to her and change my decision if she brings solid points to the table
  • I treat her like a woman, I don’t expect her to think or act like a man.
  • I ensure she knows I recognize the little things she does. Not by buying flowers, but by taking the kids to the playground and telling her to go get her nails done or by setting up a wine & paint night with her mom then telling her I’ve got the kids for the night.
  • I don’t hold the resentment that so many men let fester (that is weak; Get over your relationship PTSD)
  • I educate her. I’ve gotten her into stoicism as well as as a few others things (she’s changed my mind as well).
  • I care about her physical, mental, and spiritual well being. We done Jordan Peterson’s Self Authoring together, great bonding experience we eat similar plans, and we work to grow as individuals as well as a married couple.
  • I can cook and will cook if needed, though she has made it clear she views the kitchen to be her domain.
  • I set goals and complete them
  • I keep my word and promises
  • I ensure I am setting the bar from which she will measure other men and that I am continually raising that bar
  • I tease her, I once swapped one of her incense sticks with a 4th of July sparkler, the fucking house looked like a bomb went off.
  • I improve myself and expect her to do the same. I am running this blog as well as The Fraternity of Excellence and she is into crafting, homeschooling, an being a Realtor.
  • I dress well and give a shit about my appearance
  • I look good naked
  • I let her remain feminine, not expecting her to change the oil or mow the lawn, she decorates and cleans the house and that is cool with me.
  • I teach my son how to be a man and treat my daughter like a little lady
  • I protect the weak and stand up for what is right and not what is popular
  • I build my reputation and refuse to reward failure
  • When I hold her hand or arm, I am always on the side of the road or other people to shield her.
  • I do not view her as an anchor; she is fuel for my improvement and she feels that.
  • I am dominant and not domineering, which means I am loved, feared, and respected all at once. It means owning every action, even if that action is picking flowers for your daughter. Domineering is getting others to listen out of fear vs respect.
  • I hold the world in my frame; your personal frame is not the same as building the frame of a house. You are reconstructing your entire reality, you are setting your own standard. For Example: In my frame weakness is not expected nor is it accepted from those around me. Wild & romantic sex is normal & Dads are not expected to be weak or fat, they are fit leaders. When you are around me, you are in my frame and I hold you to my standard and treat you accordingly.

Now go forth and create your own list.

This is mine, you may think every point is ridiculous, if you take nothing from this, you’re probably just being obtuse.

Take some examples, try them out, and let me know.

Take Action and Take Care,





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