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Having a hyperactive mind has been deemed a life sentence to spinning wheels and accomplishing nothing. In this piece I’ll hit the top two steps you can take to immediately remove the stigma and make your ADHD work for you.

(This is the third and final piece in the series, if you want to read the others you can do so here: PART I & PART II)



Secrets Keeping You From Thriving with ADHD


It’s 2020 – New Year, New Me!









2020 can be the year you turn things around, if you start applying the information you’re learning about from the articles you’ve been reading (including this one).

It can be the year you finally give up binge drinking and mature to where you enjoy a nice glass instead of bottle.

It can be the year you remain committed to your health goals and finally break your addiction to food and sedentary habits.

It can be the year you generate more money from your main job and side gigs than ever before, potentially becoming your own employer.

All of these things are possible if you’re able to stick to one task and that is the one thing I want to talk to you about today.

I am notorious for doing a lot of things a little at a time, then I fall behind and go full bore to complete the task before the deadline. It’s not sustainable or the most effective means to getting things done; proper planning would alleviate last minute stress which puts a lower quality product on the market.

That is my one thing this year.

Look at the many goals you have for the year: there’s no way you can make significant progress on any of them at the same time, you have to stop half-assing 10 things and whole as one.

Don’t try to write a book while building a course while tweeting, trust me.

I know how my brain works and it’s 100% “motivated shiny thing syndrome“. I have the desire, intention, and motivation to get after many different things, I lack the discipline to not try to do them all simultaneously and if I’m struggling with it I’m sure there are quite a few others out there who are as well.



Better Option #1

Set aside time where all you are doing for those 1-2 hours is writing the book (Insert whatever your goal is), with zero thought or worry on Twitter, Facebook, fixing your water heater, or creating a course.

Keep your mind on the one task.

Then, the next day or later the same day set aside the 1-2 hours to work on the course, water heater, Social Media presence, etc.

You’ll progress with each, distraction free until completion.

Remember, this is about achieving the goals you’ve set for yourself, which means distraction elimination. Get away from the wife, kids, tasks, and reminder so you can hit your flow state and really do deep work and thus, actually progress, on the task at hand.



Better Option #2

See the first project to completion before ever even opening the second.

You want to write a book? Get to work writing that damn book daily and do not procrastinate; cancel dates, cancel other events, do what you must to see it to completion so you may begin the next project.

You don’t get your course started or new product created until the book is done (whichever order you choose to do things) so it is imperative you get to work on completing task #1.

Following this approach will have you checking the “Completed” box throughout the year and as we head into 2021 you’ll be able to not only say you started work on building these things, but they were all actually built.



It’s Time To Get To Work

The worst thing you can do is procrastinate on doing anything.

Find your one thing, don’t wait until it’s the perfect idea just start something and when it’s good enough (you can always update later) bring it to the market.

Perfection is not required, completion is.

Complete your one thing, then move to the next one thing and eventually you’ll have quite a few things created which will have you looking back on 2020 knowing you did some real work and that you made tangible progress in your life.

Take action and take care,


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