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For those in the know, there’s a new way of handling your money these days…


It may sound ominous, let me assure you it’s nothing of the sort.

As a species, we’re hesitant of anything new because our lizard brains still (for good reason) like to let other people die trying the new food or messing with the new technology before we test anything out for ourselves.

From where I’m sitting now, Crypto-Currencies are becoming more and more popular as people are waking up to the fact that the government (especially in the United States during Corona) is printing more and more money to give away and in response to it we’re seeing more and more companies accepting crypto-currencies for payment.

Big businesses are big because they’re smart; we need to be smart enough to watch their actions and respond accordingly.

While more money sounds nice, I think we’re all aware that this is a sign of something being wrong in the system.

More money means less value; companies know this and are turning to Crypto as a solution, why aren’t you?


Several men inside the Fraternity of Excellence who’ve been in the Crypto game for years now have been educating me on becoming more Crypto-Savvy and it’s already shown such positive returns and aligns so strongly with my view that people should control their money (as opposed to the banks or state laws) that I felt compelled to write this piece on the blog for the public.

Stocks are plummeting and banks have started talking of negative interest rates, now is the perfect time for you to start looking at the possibility of there being another option out there for you to place your money to keep it 100% under your control.


Is American money is losing it’s value?

In a world where money is created from thin air, valuable paper ceases to have value and in this instance, that paper is the almighty dollar.

To simplify the entire discussion: If you had five golden eggs, the only ones in the world, they’d be quite valuable and desired by many.

They’re the only five in the world…

If there were 5 billion of those eggs, they’d be worth astronomically less.


By creating money whenever we need more of it, we’re basically dumping more and more golden eggs into the market and the value of that money is plummeting because of it.

This isn’t the only talking point when it comes to cash vs crypto; there’s also the element of control over the dollars you’ve accumulated.

Have you ever gone to the bank to withdraw a large sum of money and been confronted by the teller with, “What is all of this for?” or “We aren’t allowed to give you that much.“?

I have had banks challenge me on my financial choices with my money.

I’ve also had my bank deny purchases due to the bank “not authorizing the transaction“; it’s 2020, we’re living in a time where companies are popping up everywhere and many of them are mom and pop shops online, my bank should not be the determining authority to when and where I can make purchases.

I do not need financial overlords looking out for me or telling me if I’m authorized to send my money to this or that company, that’s my decision to make, not their’s.

I foresee a future where you’re told, not asked, what you’re doing and allowed to be doing with your money.


Why is Crypto better than the dollar?

There is a finite amount of Crypto-Currency.

This means you can’t just “print more” when you need it like you currently see with the economic shutdown due to COVID-19.

The fact of the matter is, there are only so many “coins” out there.

Once they’re taken, they’re taken and the value of each is dependent upon their use and adoption into mainstream finance.

These Crypto-Coins cannot be diluted and it is here where Crypto reigns supreme over the dollar.


Another advantage is that crypto is user to user based and while there are Crypto loans and fees associated with making tranfers, Crypto is entirely under your control as you hold the keys (both literally and figuratively) to your wallet, even when it’s an electronic one.


OFFLINE WALLET: There are new Offline or Cold Storage wallets coming out each year, I still use my reliable Nano S Ledger

ONLINE WALLET: I use JAXX as well as CoinBase for my online wallets with Coinbase Pro being my primary market for trading (If you create a CoinBase account using either of those links we’ll both get $10 Bitcoin (BTC).


You can send and receive money to anyone who shares their address with you, the middle man is removed so you can purchase from that Mom and Pop shop without anyone getting in the way.

Every single transaction is tracked and reviewed by multiple sources before it goes through, thus ensuring there is a record of your purchase.

I know it’s different and I know this is a big change for many; I mean seriously, how many people thought in 2020 you could be walking around with over $1 Million on a USB in your pocket?

Still, I believe it’s fair that we assess where things are headed and maybe it’s time that we make a major shift in our long accepted approach to what the financial industry “should” look like.


New Opportunities For The New Age

I for one believe that your money belongs under your control and the only option I see making that happening right now is through the use of Crypto wherever possible.

This is a market which is only going to grow so the more you research now and the more comfortable you become with it, the further ahead of the curve you’ll be when you see mass adoption taking place.

This market, as big as it is, is still in its infancy.

You also still have time to become educated, aware, and poised to make some serious money by investing early on.

By all means, please start small by sending $5 here or there, testing the waters, researching all of the Pros/Cons and getting to know the lay of the land before making any substantial commitment.

I’m fortunate to have several men inside the Fraternity of Excellence who run weekly video sessions educating the rest of us and getting us all up to speed on the advancements in the technology and I’d be more than happy to put you in touch with them.

Shoot me a message and I’ll make the connection, until then I hope you give it some thought and choose to take a chance on you and giving yourself permission to strip the ownership of your hard earned cash from the banks and big businesses who don’t care what happens to it.

Stay Financially Savvy,







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