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I wrote this piece on Jeffrey Younger in October of 2019 without an expectation that there would be a follow-on of any sort.

Well, here we are watching a precedent be set which may ultimately lead to the removal of every father’s rights when it comes to their children choosing their gender.

That’s right, if your child, regardless of age, wants to transition, you may not have the legal authority to stop them.


We can’t #SaveJames from courts who side with his demise

As messed up as the entire family seems to be from an outsiders perspective, after coming across the story and writing the first piece I was confident that what was “right” was going to win out.

I was wrong.

At the end of the day, fathers are being stripped of any right to their children & the legal system is complicit in all of it.

This young man, one who’s been going through psychological manipulation and physiological alterations for years now (he’s 8) is already at the point where he’s going to need therapy as his reality and world has been a disaster during his most crucial years of growing.

At the young age of 5, 6, 7, 8 James is not old enough to determine whether he wants to be a boy or girl. A kid who is learning to tie his shoes, swim, and properly hold utensils is not at the point of can even fathoming what the impact and severity of their decisions being made are truly going to be.

We cannot allow a child to voluntarily castrate themselves before they know who their true “self” even is.

James may identify as the opposite sex during his formative years, but we cannot allow irreversible chemicals and surgeries to be performed and pumped into this child’s system.


Anthony Brian Logan covers this aspect of story quite well here:


I’d like to share this again from the first piece:


The father cannot call his son by his son’s name because the 11 or 12 jurors sided with the mother.

Reread the above and really let that sink in.

If a jury can strip a father of the ability to call his son by his son’s legal name, what is left?

This is disgusting and if this case is any sign of what is to come, our youth stands no chance; their protectors, fathers, will have zero ability to legally fight back and as a result we will be seeing these men forced to resort to illegal actions out of sheer desperation, which will ultimately harm the child as well.

Jeffrey Younger & Father’s Rights Part I

How much ground are we able to lose before we accept that the war has been lost?

If this goes to the Supreme Court and they rule that the ex-wife is allowed to forever chemically alter this man’s son, making James (aka Luna) now his daughter whom he must address as such, what are we to do?

The legal system has already shown its hand in its disregard for providing Mr. Younger with a fair proceeding as, “Judge Brown’s ruling came without the hearing that was scheduled to take place yesterday. There was no explanation why Judge Brown issued her order without the proper hearing.“.

Meaning the judge made her decision that the ex-wife could move forward with the transition and sending young James to school as “Luna” without providing Mr. Younger with the hearing which he was told he would have.

We’re in dangerous waters…

What happens when another mother who wanted a girl yet got a boy decides that she too would like to have her son transition?

Are all fathers expected to take this laying down?

The only alternative which is for the benefit of the child yet will result in permanently dividing the family is that as men, we rise up and fracture the family, incur legal expenses, face jail time and traumatize the child for the greater good…

This is wrong and the courts refuse to do what’s right.

Now fathers know they’re alone and each of us are going to have a decision to make when we’re facing a system that’s openly hostile to our existence.


You can learn more of the entire story as well as support Jeffrey Younger in his fight by clicking this link: SAVE JAMES


Fathers Need To Stand United,





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