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My First Time Live

My speech from the 21 Convention recorded last September/October time frame has (finally) been published at 21 University.

Before going any further, to those who view the speech, be aware that I swear, a lot.

That isn’t how I normally speak, rather it was the product of me being extremely nervous. It was my first time on a stage in front of people and it was recorded, is what it is I’ll work to dial that in next time.

For those who’d like to view the speech, you can do so by signing up at 21 University

This is the affiliate link:

If you want to sign up to 21 University to get access to all of the high quality videos and content within you can use the link above. You get access to all of the content and I get a cut for the life of your membership, win-win.

Remember, the first month is free for all new members.

Also keep in mind that this isn’t just about my speech or Anthony’s organization, it goes beyond all of that.

There are people out there who say, “The cards are stacked against men, we need to do something about it.” and they are correct, but where they falter is in the action part.

I work with military international affairs, building bonds is what I see happening on a daily basis. There is a retired captain who has a great quote and I feel it summarizes what Anthony is doing with the 21 Convention and 21 University quite well. I have changed a few words, but the message is still clear.

This is about building ships

Building relationships between brands

Building partnerships between organizations

And building friendships between men

This is what Anthony is doing and this is what you’re supporting when you sign up for 21 University and view the videos Anthony and his crew have created.

I hope you enjoy my speech and I hope you continue to support those who are fighting for our brethren in today’s society.

Here is a sneak preview of what you can expect:

Sign up to 21 University and get your first month free.

Take Action and Take Care,


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Thank you.

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