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As you grow, making friends becomes somewhat of a lost art.

In our modern era, even speaking to strangers has become somewhat of a weird thing to do. The issue, people move to new places and need to make new friends and they don’t know how.



KISS: Keep It Simple Sucka

Do not over complicate this.

As a child making friends was as easy as, “Hey nice band-aid, want to play?” and the game hasn’t changed no matter how much you think it has.

If you’re in a new town or you’re in the same town and are ready to make some friends, you simply need to go where other people are. Once you near other humans, speak to them*.

*Disclaimer: Don’t be creepy about it.

If you’re into BJJ, Lifting, Reading, Painting, etc. go to places where those things are happening, start working your way into the group, and once you’ve established some form of familiarity see if they want to chat or hangout somewhere else.

Viola, a friendship has been born.

Most times you’ll find that the other person wanted to talk to you as well but they couldn’t find the courage; what a tragedy it is to think of all the friendships that never developed because there were two people who were too cowardly to reach a hand across the aisle.


You Can Make Real Friends Online

We’re in the future, the internet and social media has removed the limitation of proximity.

No longer are you confined to dealing with the fathers on you kids sports team or school; now, you can meet like minded men from across the globe.

We literally do this with the Fraternity of Excellence on a daily basis. Men come together, find common interests, and start talking then boom, friendships made thousands of miles apart.

Adam Lane Smith is a FoE man and self-made man who went from being a professional therapist to achieving his dream of living full time off his work as an author. He’s a friend of mind which is appropriate considering the topic, we started speaking to each-other and realized, “Hey I dig your message, let’s talk more often” boom, friendship blossomed.

Adam and I touched on the subject of making friends as an adult and I still get feedback from those who hear it on The Family Alpha Podcast; Listen to it here: How To Make Friends As An Adult with Guest Adam Lane Smith

Ultimately the key with online is that there is a video, audio, or real world component to it. Text does not convey tone and you cannot truly connect to just a screen-name; there needs to be another element to the friendship for it to solidify and become anything which lasts.

Making friends isn’t hard when you stop making the act of making friends hard. Go out and start talking to people, life is too short to wonder, “What if I’d just said something?

Acta Non Verba,


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