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In what direction is your life headed?

Do you find yourself taking aimless action or is there a direction you’re working towards moving in?

Too many have too little purpose and I promise you, a mission is way better than apathetic drifting.

What’s the point to life?

I used to ask the same question, then I started living with intention and now I can’t think of a reason not to live.

Who am I to give this advice?

  • I’ve created revenue online which makes money while I sleep and has been steady enough for me to leave my 9-5 and continue to support my wife and two kids.
  • I do what I love for a living, there’s no stress or dreaded obligations; I write and speak about families, fatherhood, marriage, and how to find purpose in this modern world as a man.
  • I’m 33 and love life, something few can say.
  • I get to coach my son’s baseball team
  • I run this blog and the Fraternity of Excellence

I used to hate waking up, mornings restarted the redundant loop of self-loathing and aimless actions.


Now I look forward to the next day arriving; life couldn’t be any better with my wife, kids, and self; these are things many are looking to create in their own life and I’ll share the steps I took and offer some ideas for you to test out in your own life.

How can you break out of routine?

  • Find out what it is that you care about. What keeps you up at night, what stirs a fire in your heart, what can get you talking for hours on end?
  • Enter the arena; start doing and after a few months, objectively assess whether it’s what you thought it would be and if you’re as good as you thought you would be.
  • Continue and improve or move to the next thing that you give a shit about. The process from step 3 should help you improve the next go-round.
  • Do not forget that this is not about saving the world or helping others; your mission is solely for you. If it benefits others, great; but this is entirely about you scratching that itch.

What is unique about you?

In order to find a mission you want to follow you need to know, what do you care about?

There are men and women in the world who have made it their life’s mission to:


  • Save Turtles
  • Feed Starving Children
  • Re-Enact Historical Battles

They love what they do and given the examples above it’s obvious this is going to be personal to you.


  1. What has you willing to do extra work and walk away satisfied?
  2. What can get you rambling for hours and still not feel you’ve scratched the surface?
  3. What could you see yourself doing, paid or for free?

These are good areas for you to start in order to hone in on something which could give you purpose and a mission each and every day.


How to Become a Content Creator


It’s never been easier to get your voice out to the world. In fact, there are people who shouldn’t have their voices heard making quite a bit of noise online; so why not you?

Listen, at some point you have to go from thinking to doing.

Have you ever heard of the man who thought of the single greatest book ever written in human history?

Yeah, me neither because thoughts don’t mean shit.

Everyone thinks they’re great until someone drops a critique.

Most people who cannot find their mission often miss the opportunity because they quit as soon as someone pushed back against them.

I’ve received death threats over tweets, let that sink in…

There are crazy people in the world and you’ll find that even if you say, “Breathing is a good thing” someone is going to counter your point and talk shit – so be it.

If you want to find purpose and have a mission in life you need to be willing to take the hits and keep moving forward. The goal isn’t to be liked by everyone, it’s to live a life which brings you motivation and fuels you to get after it day after day.

A life with purpose is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

To test your skills, you need to enter the arena and prove you care as much as you say you do and that you’re ideas are as solid as you think they are.


Can you only have one mission?


There are times where I go weeks without writing about family or reading about masculinity.

Don’t become a caricature to your passion; that’s not reality.

No person is one thing and you need to make sure that you’re living an authentic life and not trying to become the thing you think others will like or will bring you joy.

Be who you are and pursue the many goals you have.

Not every endeavor needs to be shared with the world. Writing brings me great peace but I cannot spend every moment sharing every detail of my life with you, that’s not how it works.

Your mission is a part of who you are and what you do, it’s not the entirety.


You Need To Put Yourself First


People have a hard time making themselves a priority and this is often the single source of a lot of regret and pain.

If you always place others ahead of yourself, you’re eventually going to be the last place man in this race.

Don’t create a blog or YouTube channel hoping to save the world; it’s a covert contract.

You’re thinking, If I create this style content people will improve and appreciate me.

Then when that doesn’t happen you’re going to be hurt and frustrated. Listen, I write for me because I need to write. Sure, others benefit from my writings, but I’m not trying to please them, I’m trying to share something stirring in my soul and it is that process which gives me a mission.

I do this because I have to, not because you want me to.

I’ve lost many followers because I wrote about something they didn’t like or didn’t write more about something they did.

I’m not running a popularity contest here, I’m running a platform for my voice to stand and speak from.


  • Like it? Cool.
  • Don’t? GTFO

You need to make sure you’re doing what you do for you. There will be trying times and dark nights, the only thing which will see you through is you.

Take Action and Take Care,


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