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Whenever you talk to people who are successful with online content creation or making money online, the conversation usually steers towards the point that, Content is King.


It’s true that your success is judged on your ability to sustain high quality out-put. That’s a part why I created this challenge; I wanted to both push myself to see how bad I wanted it as well as to build a solid foundation from which I’d base the rest of the year off of.

With the publication of this piece, I’ll have hit my goal and it’s my hope that the content produced up to this point has helped you become a better man, husband, and father.

The point of this final piece of the 31 Day Challenge is to help you get yourself in motion and producing high quality content on a regular basis so you can begin to strengthen the foundation which you can successfully build your brand/products upon.



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Writing Blog Posts Consistently


Writing is easy when you stop thinking about writing and instead choose to write.


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The reason I was able to write a full-length blog post 31 days in a row is because I enjoy writing, had things to write about, and I didn’t overcomplicate the process.

My focus on this blog is primarily that of Masculinity, Marriage, and Fatherhood with the additional Sober and Mindset essays dropped in there to track my journey.

Having these topics clearly defined makes it easy to know what I’m writing about that day, my options are somewhat limited and therefore, easier to decide upon.

The question then becomes, “What part of these topics do I want to talk about?” and most of the time the answer comes from something that happened to me, I observed, or I noticed trending throughout the day.

Then I choose the topic and write down three smaller bullet points that I build the paragraphs from.

It’s that easy.

This piece for example, I broke down my conclusion of the event and followed that up with how I wrote and how I spoke for a month straight.

There’s nothing complicated about this.

The problem most people find is that they try to go too deep into the weeds on subjects or that they don’t know what they’re “supposed to say“. To that, my response if I don’t care what my reader wants to read; all I care about is what I need to write.

On your blog you need to deliver content which is consistent with who you are and the light you want to send to the world. I don’t struggle to create content because I get out of thinking and into action damn near immediately.

Every day, sit down and write.

Every single day, sit down, break out an idea, break out three sub-categories to that idea, then free flow. Throw on some Chopin or instrumental beats and lose yourself to the words.

It isn’t difficult when you stop planning the perfect shot and instead shoot, calibrate, and shoot again.


  1. Fire
  2. Ready
  3. Aim
  4. Fire


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Recording Podcasts More Consistently



Recording podcasts daily is one of those things where either you can do it, or you can’t.

Unlike writing where you can publish something which you believe hits the mark, but you aren’t quite sure, podcasting is much more immediately clear as the feedback is in real-time.


With writing you can hear your voice in your head and therefore you think that the words come across just fine to your audience.

With Podcasting if you’re stuttering, tone isn’t correct, the flow isn’t there, or the nature of the discussion is long-winded or choppy, you’re going to know and hate it.

This is another situation where all you have to do is speak and stop thinking about speaking.

It doesn’t always have to be some complex topic, sometimes you just need to drop a message that touches on the basics and serves as a quick reminder for those tuning in.

In fact, it’s good that you intersperse some short messages for your listeners to get in during their walk or lunch break that way they can ponder your message during the rest of your day without having to wait to see where you were going with the idea.

With that said, both my most listened to podcast and most viewed blog post during this challenge were longer pieces.

People do want to dive deep and they do want you to get right to the point so it’s on you to do both.

If you’re going to set a challenge for publishing podcasts or you just want to get more consistent with your output, simply refuse to spend another moment thinking about how that would be cool or profitable for you.

Go do it.

Sit down in front of the mic, hit record, and let it rip.

Nobody is going to do the work for you, you either are or are not going to become more consistent and if you aren’t, stop putting the pressure on it saying, “I really need to write/record more…“; Go. Do. It.

There are no excuses for a failure to perform. For me, finding the topics and having the desire to write and record was never an issue but making the time certainly was.

I have a wife and two kids; I can’t just up and leave them to sit in front of a screen, that wouldn’t be a good example or very “Family Alpha” of me, so there were some early mornings and very late nights knocking content out to stay up with the challenge.

It isn’t about it being easy, it’s about you being strong enough to balance the task you’re taking on with your daily responsibilities.

I have no sympathy for family men who struggle, either do it or don’t this isn’t a path for the weak or half in/half out crowd.

I do this because I love it and I make it work with my life. I’ve seen many quit, fail, and disappear over the years because they couldn’t keep the tempo up or balance it out with their day to day obligations.

That’s okay, you need to be a present father and husband; for those looking to also pursue the craft of content creation, you’ve got to make it a part of who you are and not a chore you have to do.

31 days is easy when you’ve told yourself, there is no quit. You must tell yourself, “I will hit my 31 days no matter what it takes” and with that, I’ve now hit my 31st blog post and am going to be recording my 31st podcast shortly.

I appreciate all who were a part of this journey.

To everyone who shared my content and offered words of encouragement and motivation over this past month, sincerely, thank you.

Acta Non Verba,

Zachary Small

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