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What have you become?

What have you become?

There are millions of men who are, as you are reading this, wearing a suit and driving to a job they hate, filled with people they hate, so they can make money to spend on items that won’t fill the void that exists in their heart as well as their family’s.

They do this day in and day out, hating the people, the job, the “stuff“, and most importantly, they’re hating themselves the entire time.

These suits that are walking around are hollow, they have a body in them but that body has lost the flame that once made it a man. That masculine power has extinguished and has been replaced by nothing

Just a body in a suit, a shell of what once was a warrior, a creator, and a leader.

Sometimes, sporadically, these hollow suits will be inspired to try to make a change; think of the way a spider after being stepped on still has a twitch in its leg. These hollow suits twitch, they’ll yell or say that “it’s time to start working out again” then again,  it’s back to nothing. Actually changing was too much work, they couldn’t follow through, again.

Nothing except more space, emptiness, and more self-hate.

These men think that because there is a body, that there is a presence. They believe when they speak others should listen. What they fail to recognize is that some men deserve more than others.

That’s the problem with these hollow suits, they don’t realize their words are hollow.

They don’t even know what is expected of the masculine man. Whatever they have to say, it doesn’t matter because a hollow suit can’t act. What is the point of the word if there isn’t an action to follow?

Hollow suits, day in and out desperately want more.

They crave something to come and make things, different.

They want the respect, fear, and admiration that comes with having a dick. They want the ground they walk on to be hallowed ground. They want women to want them and men to want to be them.

Admiration isn’t given, it’s taken.

Respect, fear, loyalty all of these are not given to you by another, you take it from people. They don’t decide you’re worthy of their respect, you tell them you are worthy through your consistent actions.

The hollow suits, they can’t take anything from anyone.

They can’t take the respect from their boss, friends, kids, or wife.

They can’t take the respect, desire, and passion from anyone because they can’t light the fire that drives masculine behavior.

Believe me, masculinity is a fire; it is that burning inside your heart that keeps you up at night so you can achieve your goal, the fire that makes you push when other quit, to grind when others sleep.

Masculinity is the eternal flame that makes you irrationally confident and while others laugh saying there is no way you can do something, you laugh back because you know there is no way you can’t.

Masculinity is the reason HomoSapiens made it through our wild past and masculinity is what is going to drive us to our future.

The hollow suits can either continue to speak their hollow words, or they can take the actions necessary to reach hallowed ground.

If you’d like to join a community dedicated to helping men fill their suits, rekindle that flame, and get back to living authentically check out The Fraternity of Excellence.

Take Action and Take Care,

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