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Fix your 'self' & it will fix your entire family.

Fix your ‘self’ & it will fix your entire family.

This post is about giving something to your ‘self’ this holiday season. This something isn’t of material value; it goes way beyond a new Jeep, gun, or tool. What I want you to give yourself this holiday season is the Gift of Independence.

I want you to shift your perspective on life to the point where you know that if your wife were to cheat or file for divorce you’d still have a smile on your facing knowing that you are the man.

There’s no better time than today for you to start pulling the training wheels you have in your life. For the ‘plugged in’ married man it’s their wife and marriage that are the two wheels which keep them balanced. These men feel their masculinity and position in society is derived from their relationship status, as if being married signifies they are real men.

This is unacceptable.

Take a look at the masculine man, he’s riding his life free from support.

The man who has embraced his masculinity is the guy who has a mission and it’s not his wife. He’s the guy who has a wife that knows her man’s vision and she is aware that he does not need her. Have you ever noticed that the men who don’t need their woman are the men who have the most loyal women?

The reason for this should be clear, but for those just tuning in to the Family Alpha women want a man who doesn’t need her to take care of him. Women will submit to a masculine man as she is his lover and she knows that he will elevate her status in society while he pursues his mission.

Men who need their women are men who treat their wife like their mommy.

Women want a man who can ravish them then continue marching towards whatever goal they have set. They don’t want to have to raise a man-child. My wife and I have two kids together, the last thing she needs is a third body to raise. Because I keep her in the role of lover, our marriage is still enjoyable and filled with passion. If I were to be the doting fool that most men have become, she’d resent me and either find another man who could treat her like a woman or she’d lower her standards and become a bitter old wench as so many other women have done in our society.

The Christmas season is upon us, give your entire family a gift by raising your personal standard as their leader.

The Christmas season is upon us, give your entire family a gift by raising your personal standard as their leader.

Men, you don’t need your woman taking care of you; in fact you don’t need your woman at all.

This is the gift you need to give yourself this year; it’s also a gift that will ‘keep on giving’.

As you accept the reality that your wife could leave at any moment, you can then begin to embrace the confidence that you would be alright. Go through the thought experiment, create a negative visualization in your mind and feel everything that you’d feel if she were to leave. Realize that with her gone, you should still be entirely secure with your ‘self’.

Now dial yourself back in and realize that your woman is still in your life. Find joy in that, smile at her, and appreciate the time you guys have together.

The fact of reality is this, the less you show ‘love’ the way society has taught you to show love, the more your wife will love you.

TV, movies, and music are all pushing the female imperative. They are telling you to entirely devote yourself to your woman, to always self-sacrifice for her, and to make her the top priority in your life.


You cannot self-sacrifice your way to happiness.

Clear your mind of the poison society has injected you with. Let your masculine light shine.

Clear your mind of the poison society has injected you with. Let your masculine light shine.

This is not the path of the masculine man.

The masculine man has his mission and he marches towards it with fierce tenacity. He allows his wife to walk this path with him, but she is company on this journey and is free to depart whenever she chooses to do so.

You can develop this mindset by developing the irrational levels of self-confidence which comes from action:

  • You have to start lifting as it will develop your physical strength and mental discipline.
  • You have to start raising your personal standard of hygiene, grooming, and fashion. This will lead to an increase in IOIs from other women which will break the oneitis and build confidence that if your woman were to leave, she could be replaced.
  • You have to start building a life separate from your woman. Whether it be writing, building a car, going to an MMA gym, joining some sort of gun club something; you have to develop a life outside of your wife so that if she were to leave you don’t lose everyone you know and every hobby you had.
  • You have to read up on game, kino, the art of debate, discourse, and truly internalize the truth of reality which is provided to you by the manosphere.

Once you take these actions you will begin to see that your woman will love you more and that you are more confident. Without the fear of losing your life if you lose your woman you will be more prone to taking bolder actions and further pursuing your mission in this life. You’ll find that by following my steps of creating a ‘self’ who does not need his woman but has rather chosen to have her in his life, you now further appreciate the moments you have with her.

Your entire quality of life will rise when you accept that you are in total control of this life. You’ll realize that the ‘training wheels’ which kept you safe, also kept you from steering off the road and down your own path.

Remove the safety net and you’ll be able to take the more difficult path of masculine adventure. It’s the one less ventured and for men living a genuine life, it’s the only path.

Take Action and Take Care,

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