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In my first post on Getting Over Your Relationship PTSD I brought up the point that how things used to be do not dictate how things will be.

Many men have given the power over their inner self entirely to the women of their lives. They let their ex-relationships dictate their future relationships, trying to do the opposite of before or they fall into the same routine ultimately leading to a love life filled with redundancy without progress.

You need to break the cycle.

Married men, divorced men, guys coming out of a shitty LTR, and even the men who had a plate cheat on them thus scarring their soul permanently are not acting in accordance with their masculine self if they’re basing decisions off how they can avoid heartache again.

If you build a fire and burn your hand, do you forever hide from the flames or are you more careful the next time you handle it?

This same level of respect and learning should be applied to the past lovers of your life.

Your last girl burned you, instead of refusing to let the next girl in and thus sabotaging yourself, how about you get out of your own way and enjoy the moment. Not every woman you sleep with, take on a date, or go exclusive with is going to be there for your entire life.

Your perspective on the world is controlled by you. Don’t allow other to shift your view.

Men are the true romantics, because of this any notion that men should avoid love or women is telling the man to repress his authentic desires. Society does that enough, we do not need other men spouting this crap as well.

You should love freely, you should let the pain from your past act as a reminder, not as an obstacle to appreciating all this world has to give.

Be a genuinely happy person who smiles at the waitress without thinking “she’s a slut” or interact with women without getting lost in your head thinking, these bitches will succumb to AF/bb as if a woman following her biological nature is somehow wrong.

Love your next plate, love yourself, smile at the nature of women, enjoy the sluts, if married laugh again with your wife and stop making every interaction an attempt to reclaim the years you had a dead-bedroom.

Some men deserve sex more than others, do not get pissed at your wife for not being attracted to an overweight, sensitive, ‘nice guy’. Instead, continue to have fun and work towards becoming a man who a woman willingly submits to.

The past is the past, get over it or it will kill you.

You cannot walk through the rest of life with your fists clenched raging with vitriol at what happened to you. It’s over, move on and make the best of the rest of your days. Learn to love again, let the hate thaw and start appreciating things as simple as the breeze.

Do not give women control over your ability to experience the romantic nature of your masculinity. Do not for one second allow something a woman did to you to be a part of who you are as a man.

You must learn to share that side of you again. Instead of being afraid to let others ever get that close, let them in & be aware that it may all come crumbling down and if it does you’ll just smile in the rubble because that’s what men do.

Make yourself irreplaceable in her life; set the bar from which all other ‘Chads’ will be measured. While doing so, remember that you have a limitless reserve of love and if/when your relationship ends, this time you know that you will be fine and able to love again.

Women lose a little of themselves with every man they love.

You must stoke your own passionate flame.


Men are limitless, yet are more prone to losing their ability to love due to their more violent and passionately romantic nature.

Control that powerhouse of love within and make every moment count.

You cannot walk the world bitter and cold because of the cards life handed you. The woman who burned you is not to be resented, she was a checkpoint in your life to better understanding yourself.

Choose to smile and find joy in the world we live in. The Red Pill is about accepting the brutal reality over the comfort of the lie and masculinity is about authentic living. Combine these two to live the most optimal life.

This post isn’t about women, it’s about you.

Don’t ever allow another person to control who you are and how you feel, you must keep that fire burning inside, hot and bright. Nobody can snuff those flames out unless you allow them to.

Let go of the hate and give love one more chance.

Take Action and Take Care,


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