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The notion that starting a family justifies adding weight around your mid-section has been a disaster for fathers.

I get it, you get busier as life goes on and the lives you’re leading require more and more of your time and energy, keeping you from dedicating the time needed to your own goals and development.


In fact, it’s gotten to the point where Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin have become more of an accurate representation of the average dad than Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor or Al Bundy ever were.

If you have children and you’re looking to changing your physique continue reading as I’m going to be talking about how you can fix you in a manner that is both permanent as well as able to be worked around your family’s schedule.

I’ll also be providing two resources that helped me personally; both the products and the men who created them have helped me turn my life around and they can do exactly that for you as well.


Understanding Your Role As A Father

The first step in this process is that you define who it is you are and what that role is in the lives of those you lead.

You can’t look at your reflection and see someone who is “just a dad“.


For one, that’s bullshit as being a father is the single greatest role a person can have in the life of another and two, being a father requires the embodiment of strength in all forms be it physical, mental, spiritual, emotional, or intestinal (aka grit).

You may love your family more than anything in the world, but to truly become the recipient of the respect which comes with such dedication, you must look the part.

You may love your family to death, but dying early from obese related health conditions (to include mental issues such as depression, anxiety, etc.) is not the way to show you care.


  • You don’t need to finish your kid’s plates.
  • You don’t need to drink beer or soda daily.
  • You don’t need to have a snack with the kids nightly.
  • You don’t need to reward good work/effort with treats like a dog.

You also can’t say you love your family more than anything when you don’t love them enough to find time to lift weights or get some cardio in.

This is the first step to losing that Dad-Bod, you have to recognize that making your health a top priority is showing your family love. More than that, while it may seem selfish to change everyone’s diet or to always be dipping out to the gym or hopping on the treadmill instead of sitting and watching movies with them.

doing these things may appear selfish, yet giving your family the healthy version of you is in fact the most selfless action you can take.

It’s easy to be fat and weak, it’s hard to be hard and strong; which do you think will leave a longer lasting positive impact on the lives of those you’re raising?


RESOURCE #1: Craig James (Founder of Masculine by Design and CoFounder along with myself of The Fraternity of Excellence) has an excellent course that can help you tackle these issues of home management and weight management at the same time.

Craig has a course called The Family CEO which will help you formally establish your role in the family as well as give you a compass to get everyone onboard your ship and heading in the same direction.

He’s recently decided to include with the purchase of the course his book “Death-Blow to the Dad-Bod“.

You can work on building your foundation as the leader of the family while also dropping weight and leaning out so you can go from Zero to Hero, becoming the image of fit instead of the epitome of fat.


As a man with a wife and kids (if divorced it makes no difference) you have to balance your time with those you’re leading.

It is not only possible to do this, but once you’re in motion and it becomes routine, the kids will want to join you and the art of fitness will become a part of your family’s identity. Give your children the gift of a father who can remain mobile and healthy for as long as possible.

They need the fittest version of you in their life, not the most comfortable.


Fixing Yourself from the Inside Out

There are likely many men reading this who are just gassed at the thought of exercising.

If this is you, I get it.

I am 33 and I was struggling to make time for training, leading the kids, writing, work, etc. I used to have a wicked fire in my soul when it came to exercise and lifting, and it seemed like that gradually went away to the point where I had to drag my ass to the barbell.

Little did I know how big of a role hormones played in mental clarity and energy levels.

I thought I was too young to be struggling with any sort of Low T or Hormonal issues, but at the advice of a friend of mine (listed below) I went and had the labs done.

That answered things really quick.

You may be struggling to drop the weight, build the muscle, and rally the energy because there’s something wrong inside. It may be less of a matter of discipline and more of a matter of physiological deficits.


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Instead of trying to double down and get frustrated, get your lab work done to find out what is happening inside your body.

The internet will offer an infinite number of resources, there’s only one I trust…


RESOURCE #2: Phil Foster is the man who helped me get sober and he is also the man who helped me get my training, nutrition, and hormones under control.

He has recently made his training public and since doing so, he’s helped many men and women figure out how to optimize their hormones as well as find a training program which works for their schedule and goals.

If you head to Phil Foster Fitness you can get the process started to working with Phil and I’m telling you now, if you choose to go through him you will get the highest quality customer service as well as a program which will get your results.

This isn’t a “take this pill twice a week” type deal.

This program will get your hormones firing right which will get your body feeling energized, strong, and if you combine that with eating right and moving more than you sit, you’ll find fat falling off and muscle growing after years and years of stagnation.

I know because I lived it.


Both Craig and Phil are men I’ve worked with and I have received the positive benefits of their efforts. If you commit to reaching out and working with them and following their plan for you, you’ll find that you’ll go from the Dad kids used to overlook, to the father who kids want on their team for the sports or the dad the kids run to come and play with them.

You’ve done it your way long enough and that has gotten you where you are…

It’s time to let the pros help you and both of these professionals are also married fathers; they understand where you’re coming from and will work with you to get you to where you want to be not at the expense of your family, but rather with the clan involved.

You can be the person who saves your life and sets your children up to achieving even greater heights than you know exist.

The real question is, are you ready to face the music and do the work?

Acta Non Verba,

Zac Small

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