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Fortune favors the bold.

Unfortunately, boldness appears to be lost on men today. Boldness can be uncomfortable. It’s risky. But it can also be quite rewarding.

Today’s man prefers comfort and predictability, even if it comes as the expense of mediocrity. He hasn’t tasted the fruit that’s harvested when his life is fertilized by being bold and always doubling down on his desires.

Timid men suffer from a scarcity mindset. It cripples them and stifles their potential.

Such men are marked by a fear of losing that which they haven’t even yet attained. They don’t approach the hot blonde at the gym because she might reject their advances, not realizing they’d be left in no worse a situation than before, even if rejection were the outcome. They still wouldn’t have the blonde’s interests, but at least they’d know where they stand.

But not all men are content walking the path of the status quo and living life in fear of loss. We don’t accept that weakness around here. Family Alphas are men who are fueled by the masculine fire inside for conquest and are committed to leaving a worthy legacy by living life boldly and on our own terms.

We aren’t afraid of rejection. Rejection only forces us down another path that will lead to our desired destination.

We maintain a mindset of abundance.

Today’s guest on the podcast is a young entrepreneur who exemplifies this code of conduct. He walks his path with a boldness that men today would benefit from emulating.

Nick Lowary – Co-Owner of Ground Shark CoffeeNick Lowary - Ground Shark Coffee

Nick is the co-founder of Ground Shark Coffee, the official coffee of The Family Alpha. It was only through his boldness that we even became aware of his brand and had the opportunity for those steamy dark roasted notes to grace our taste buds.

Nick lives by the mantra, “Wake up like you mean it.” This goes beyond simply having a quality coffee to sip in the morning. It’s a commitment to making certain he’s seizing the day and giving the limited time he has on this earth the passion and energy it deserves.

Show Highlights

  • The deep state of data gathering and location tracking by the big tech companies
  • How boldness and irrational confidence gives a man favor with others
  • Why whole bean coffee is the only coffee you should buy
  • The curse of extremely talented introverts
  • Why deciding on a business to start doesn’t have to be so serious
  • The misconceptions held by the armchair entrepreneurs of the world
  • Why action trumps deliberation
  • What the “movers of the world” all use to get shit done
  • How Nick’s Ground Shark Coffee became the official coffee of The Family Alpha
  • The meaning behind the Ground Shark Coffee brand name
  • Why engaging in physical violence naturally teaches a man lessons in humility
  • Why you must follow through on your entrepreneurial desires
  • How to wake up like you mean it in the morning

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Connect With Nick Lowary

On Twitter: @NickLowary

Get Your Own Bag of Nick’s Ground Shark Coffee: Ground Shark Coffee

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