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Flip the Switch & send power to setting the gears of Masculinity into motion.

Flip the switch & send power to setting the gears of masculinity into motion.

How long it takes for you to unplug is directly related to how long it takes for you to accept reality for what it is, whether you’ve fully committed to the process, and how long it takes you to understand that nothing will be given, all must be earned.


The reality of the situation is that you’ve got a lot longer road than you think and unlike every movie you’ve ever seen, you’ll be walking this road alone.

You’re physique most likely needs a significant amount of time and dedicated decision making fitness wise before it looks like the body of a man who owns his shit.

Another unfortunate truth is that you’re most likely going to use the amount of time that you were a weak dude as another excuse to justify your mediocrity.

When you don’t reach a goal or your wife shuts you down you’ll justify it with, “well I’m not supposed to be getting laid yet or desired by women because I was a pussy for 8 years.” 

What in the actual fuck does this mean?

I’ve seen too many posts on Reddit and Twitter where men say, “I know I’m not ‘Alpha’ enough yet, but-” shut it down right there. You are already displaying a weak mindset and are admitting that you still do not believe in you. You’ll never reach your goals without complete belief in self and a display of irrational self-confidence.

Here’s the brutally raw truth most are unable to ever digest.

You don’t want to become a masculine man, you just want your wife to fuck you a little more or respect you a little more. Taking ownership of your life is too difficult and you know that.

So you pretend.

You make the posts, read the books, say the word No a few times then go back to your comfortable land of easy living, free of pain, rejection, and effort.

Because of this, you never find comfort in the discomfort and you never immerse yourself into the grind. You never get to experience the freedom which comes with total belief in self, free from the burden of trying to gain validation from a woman or society as a whole.

You never Flip the Switch in your mind and decide to completely own your fucking life.


There is this stupid notion that for every year you were “plugged in” it will take a month to recover.

This notion is pushed to prevent guys from going “Red Pill Rambo“(level 10 immediately) . What men fail to see is that going from 0-10 is not masculine, so the guys who are going to go off their rocker and start demanding that their undeserved standards be met don’t need a warning, they’re going to fuck it up either way because they are trying to take submission via domineering behavior vs inspirational domination.

Like a light switch you can flip your mind from meek & reserved to masculine and confident.

You can do that right now, this second.

You draw a boundary and do it for yourself, not for your kids, wife, parents, or friends.

You’re doing this for you and you alone.

You start making time for yourself today to accomplish the goals you want and not the ones you think others expect you to set. The people around you are likely very mediocre, mainly because you’re mediocre and people stick with like-minded people.

If you’re going to ‘take The Red Pill‘ and face the raw apathetic nature of reality, then do so with the mindset that you’re going to own it. Start noticing the walls confining you and strings controlling the system, then break the mold.

Stop with this bullshit reserved attempt at reclamation of the masculine self.

You’re in or you’re out.

If you’re in, then dive into the deep end and learn to swim. Get rid of the life-ring and bullshit justifiers & “I know I’m not alpha enough yet‘ excuses.

I don’t give a fuck if you’re 100lbs overweight, just because your body is soft as play-dough it doesn’t mean your mind needs to be weak as well.

Look in the mirror, that’s your competition. That’s also the masculine man you’re working with to own this life, take care of your future self and commit today.

Take Action and Take Care,

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