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Gone are the days where as a father all that is required of you is to put a roof over your children’s heads, food on the table, and clothes on their back.

We’re living in a new age and our approach as fathers needs to reflect that.

What was passed to us from the 1920s and 1950s are adequate for raising children in 2020 and beyond.

Growing up for most fathers of today there was no social media which could be weaponized, cyber-bullying was not a thing, and safe-spaces along with politically correct everything were not mines we had to navigate our ships around.

Covid-19 (aka the Corona Virus) has helped us reset our priorities and offered us an opportunity to change the course of our lives and that of our children.

I’ve been tooting the “Prepare Yourselves” horn writing piece after piece:


  1. ARE YOU PREPARED? (September 2016)
  4. Red Man Group Patriarchs Ep. 14: How to Keep Your Family Safe In The Face of Violence (Sep 2019)

the problem there is that nothing will ever truly prepare you or educate you the way experience does.


How to make the best of a bad situation


That’s where we are now, at a critical point in your life as a father or for those who’ve yet to have kids, you’re learning what to prepare for when you do have lives to lead.

Facing economic upheaval, a global virus,and dealing with your family being quarantined may not seem like the best situation to be in but its the perfect experience which will teach us lessons well never forget.

Fathers will never be caught off guard again.

I’m confident family men will be looking to re-prioritize their spending habits once the dust settles. On top of that, they’ll be preparing themselves and their children to ensure they can survive on their own without the assistance from their Big Brother aka the Government.


  1. For some, the recent tanking of the stock market and mass layoffs will have catastrophic results which never fully heal.
  2. For others, they’ll be leaving this smarter, healthier, and wealthier than ever before.

I’d not be surprised at all to hear of how people want to move to places where they have more room, not bigger houses per say, but rather acreage instead of apartments.

I also fully expect people to change their habits, keeping in the back of their mind that there may be a time where they’ll have to be on their own for an extended period of time and therefore, more than the minimum needs to be kept in the home:


  • Food
  • Water
  • Medical
  • Medicine
  • Leisure Items
  • Home/Self Defense

I’ve seen several people who were caught off guard in every area above.

Hell, even I have been asking myself, do I have enough?

I always envisioned two months of isolation, but what about three? four? six?

There’s also the added element of, “What do I do with the kids?


Modern Times Need Modern Fathers


With schools locked down, a lot of fathers are unsure on how to best navigate those waters.

We need to be clear, time spent with your kids, even when initiated due to a negative event, could turn into one of the most positive times together which forges a tighter bond than ever before.


As fathers, you need to get to know who your kids are and the only way to do that is to spend time with them.

The last thing I want is for family men to have a stressed out time quarantined with their family; now is a time to come together and get through this as a team.

The role of husbands and fathers is that of the Shield & Spear, we protect and we attack and that’s doesnt mean stocking up on ammo and steak; you need to protect your family’s minds and souls, you need to be there to connect with one another and engage in a familial way, not live a life distracted by screens.

I know there are some of you who are in a tight spot right now and I’m rooting for you.

You may be kicking yourself in the ass for not stacking cash, food, and associated items on the side; regret is a bitch and while I hope you recover quickly, I also want you to feel the burn.

Never forget that feeling because when things come back to normal and they will come back, I want you to never allow yourself to be caught off guard again, ever.

I put a blast out on Twitter that if you’re in a tough spot you need to reach out and vent to someone besides your spouse or children, they’re stressed too and they aren’t trying to make things harder.

Find a friend, find a group, or find some place where you can just de-stress; hell I keep DMs open and try to reply to all emails I receive.

I want you well and I want you walking away from this smarter than you were when you entered.

You aren’t a bad person for not seeing this coming, but to come out of this learning opportunity having not learned a life lesson, that would be a shame.

Take Action and Take Care,


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