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What do you do when you’ve got the mic?

We’re in a day and age where it takes but a few minutes for an individual to claim their slice of the internet.

  • A blog
  • A website
  • A social media account

What you do with that slice is entirely up to you, what I chose to do was start writing my life experiences and views on living life as a married man and father. This message has resonated with many and continues to resonate with many more. Watching The Family Alpha grow has been a wonderful ride and one I continue to remain on until the wheels fall off.

I created my resource for other men because that is what I wanted to do. My layout and presentation was intentional, I went into this journey knowing exactly what I wanted to do and I figured out the how along the way.

There are many others out there who have a story to tell, yet they can’t seem to get out of their own way to start telling it.

They are afraid they won’t know what to do when the mic is handed to them, when they find men looking to them for a response to a question, an answer to their cries, a man to provide the words needed to help them understand this clown universe we find ourselves living in.

To these men, the ones who have the fire inside that they want to share yet hesitate due to nerves or self-doubt, I implore you to get out of your own way and just start something. Maybe you start writing more on your social media account, relaying your experience and perspective on life to the world. Maybe you start a blog and just begin to write out and share your daily musings. Whatever it is you choose to do, recognize that it is a beacon to others, you’re writing is but another in a network desperately needing authentic masculine voices.

Why We Need Your Voice

To me the most impactful paragraph of the entire piece was this one:

The instance of elderly men’s suicide is something not too many people want to talk about. Much of what I’ve read about it throws out a lot of feminist boilerplate about how old masculine ideals are to blame, but as expected, it uses this ‘toxic’ masculinity narrative to cover the uglier truths. Most men are Betas. Most men spend their lives wondering why all the Blue Pill hopes they sincerely believe are possible just don’t happen for them. They blame themselves, or they blame others, but they never really unplug because their existence was centered on the certainty that Blue Pill dreams come true if they can just work on the relationship harder or they made more money or if they’d only met a more perfect ‘soul mate’ in the story that is their life.

The more resources we have putting positive masculinity and authentic content out, the more opportunities there are for these men to come across and in that moment have a seed planted in their mind. That one article you write, that one seed planted just may be the difference between choosing to wrap the rope around their neck or choosing to use it to climb out of the hole they’re in.

My mother committed suicide when I was young, this is likely the reason why I’m so passionate when it comes to getting the words out there and into the minds of those who need it most. The resources spreading the word of authentic living, expressed masculinity, and sharing the “red pill” truths of the world are life rings that can pull men from the depths of the abyss.

Your Role

Your words can save another man’s world.

The role you play in this, as a future content creator is that you assume the position of Father of the Tribe. Whether you’re 18 years old or 60 it makes no difference, when you are the one creating the content it is your turn to sit at the head of the table and deliver your life insights and perspective to everyone listening.

The content you put out could save another man’s life, it could talk him off that ledge and remind him of the most important fact of everyone’s life, you can remind him that he’s not alone.

These men wrap their entire identity and reason for living in their woman, loved ones, and professions then when these exterior objects, titles, and people are removed the men have nothing inside themselves to fall back upon to keep them strong, so they choose the path of weakness. Instead of fighting to live, they turn the lights off and waste the most precious thing in the world, life.

Every time you hit publish, you have a chance to change that.

Every time you choose to write out a thoughtful piece as opposed to trolling for the sake of trolling, you act as a gardener of the mind, planting seeds which hopefully grow into knowledge, confidence, and a sense of self within the individual.

Men need men to not only throw ropes but also to let those in need know that these ropes are coming from someone who wants them to grab hold and climb, not use it to end their existence.

Since 2015 when TFA was created I’ve written millions of words. I’ve received too many emails from men telling me if it weren’t for my writing they’d have ended it. We need more resources for men. If you’re one of those wondering if you should share your story because you feel you have something to say, then I am telling you now that yes, you absolutely should. Contribute to the discussion and start swapping notes with the rest of the men. You never know where this journey will lead you, I certainly didn’t but I’m damn glad I started.

Take Action and Take Care,

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