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Everyone Lied To You, Now What?

By January 23, 2021September 3rd, 2021No Comments

There’s nothing worse than realizing you’ve been the brunt of the joke all along.

Many men who “unplug” often do so after being confronted with an undeniable truth dropped in their lap; it’s here that they’re presented with an option, accept the brutal truth or double-down on the comfortable lie?


It was all bullsh*t, now what…?


  • People told you to repress your competitive and aggressive nature.
  • Women told you they loved you, until you gave them what they wanted.
  • Your friends said they supported you and wanted you to do well, until you started doing better than themselves.
  • Your parents told you they loved you more than anything, but they didn’t love you enough to keep you from getting fat.
  • Women told you they didn’t care about muscles, money, or confidence until they left you for someone who had them all.
  • People told you to sit down, be quiet, and stay still for 8 hours a day, chained to a desk for the sake of “learning” and if you didn’t like it, there was something wrong with you and you should be medicated.

It’s depressing, but this list is but a scratch on the surface of the lies many were told in their life.

You’ve likely had many moments in your life where you’ve looked back and wished things could have been different;


  1. Maybe you wish you did or didn’t do something
  2. Said or didn’t say something
  3. Were somewhere else in life

It makes no difference, you have a better picture of life now than you did then and with your 20/20 hindsight you realize (should realize) you were operating from a position of poor Intel based on the decision of others to withhold some truths.


How can you change your life?

?For starters, let go of the regret and “what if?“.

?What if things were different?

Who fucking knows what things would be like “if” we’d done things differently.

We can’t go back to change anything and pondering about doing so is wasting both time and mental energy which could be better utilized in improving your present situation and the direction you’re headed.?

Instead of saying, “What if things were different” start saying, “I’m going to learn from the past and decide the direction of my future.”

Don’t choose the kiss of a lie over the punch of reality.


10 Fun Facts:


  1. Women like men who are mentally, physically, and spiritually strong. Confidence is sexy, it can’t hurt to have abs, and a man who can lead himself is a man who can lead a woman.
  2. Men like women who aren’t a pain in the ass, a girl should complement a man’s life, he doesn’t care how much she makes or certificates she’s accrued; she should fit into his mold not make any aspect of existence more difficult.
  3. Nobody cares about the work you put in, they care about the results; friends and family alike will never appreciate the effort which goes into your success, they’ll simply cheer for you at the finish line for winning or not at all.
  4. The world couldn’t give a shit less about you; if you want to make an impact, you have to go out of your way to make it happen, the universe is indifferent to your existence.
  5. Money does buy happiness via the elimination of money stress; money is not a bad thing and you should work to make more of it and then use the money made to live a better life. The pursuit of money is not bad, but money is not the end goal, what the money buys is.
  6. You don’t deserve the life you want, if you did, you’d have put in the work to have actualized it already. You are the culmination of every decision you’ve ever made; ill informed or not. Upon closing this blog post out, you have a choice- go out and create the life you want or remain where you are, well read yet having applied nothing thus getting you zero results.
  7. At some point, it’s your responsibility to determine the direction your life is headed. You can’t be 35 and still blaming mom and dad’s shitty parenting for the position you’re at in life. They didn’t make you spend the past 52 weekends sitting on your ass drinking booze and watching Netflix, you chose to do that.
  8. Your perceived success in life should not be based on the status of another online; you should base your current status on yesterday’s position. Every day you should aim to be better than you were the day before.
  9. You can only achieve the life you want when you stop caring whether other people will approve of it or not. Do you think my friends and family wanted me to leave my job for some online venture with a wife and two kids? Likely not, but I didn’t care and that left them with no choice but to either support or look like an asshole; now I’m over a year into this and couldn’t be happier, I’m a better husband and father because of the freedom working for myself has afforded me, something I’d not have experienced had I allowed others to keep me in a box, same goes for you.
  10. You are your problem; you are your solution. You got yourself to where you are, for better or for worse and you are the only one who can get yourself to greater heights.

The world may have lied to you, now is past time you grabbed the reins of your life and chose the direction you were headed.

Acta Non Verba,

Zachary Small

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