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We have touched on the topic of having fun and the importance of remaining your own man time and again, yet sometimes I feel the message is lost.

So it is important that as writers, bloggers, vloggers, and Fraternity Brothers that we refresh this message and remind guys that they need to be enjoying the journey as much as they’re enjoying the destination.

Day in and day out to the gym, writing millions of words, observing your wife, improving your standard and watching those around you raise their own; all of this is fucking awesome. I wrote about Reasons to be Thankful Thanksgiving(2015) and I am reminding you now, find comfort in the discomfort of living life as a masculine male in a weak society that has stacked the cards against you.

For those who are married and choosing to get married, embrace the challenge that is marriage in today’s day and age. Gender traitor white knights and feminists want to push the feminine imperative and foster open hypergamy, good. All you need to do is continue to walk to the beat of your own drum and show them that no matter their efforts, they cannot overcome your masculine nature as that is not something you do, it’s who you are and until your heart stops beating, you will not bend the knee.

On this blog, Twitter, The Red Pill subreddit, as well as those inside The Fraternity of Excellence there are a lot of newly unplugged men who are asking for advice and guidance concerning their marriage within the context of the “Red Lens“.  There is quite a bit of doom, gloom, resentment, and frustration in the beginning; so much so that it has been given the title of ‘The Anger Phase‘.

This is your reminder that while your perceived reality crumbles and you recognize the world for what it truly is, you should still be having the time of your life.

Whether you’re new to the ‘sphere/Red Pill or a seasoned Vet who has had a solid ‘RP’ marriage for years, don’t become complacent or forget how awesome it is to be a man in a sea of weak dudes. The bar has never been lower which means the ability to be on top has never been easier.

Yes, it is depressing when you see other guys wasting the precious time we have on this planet making a woman their entire purpose in life. But, they will either unplug when they are ready or they will die thinking that being Mr. Nice Guy is a proper and honorable path thus they’ll continue to pursue the ill-fated mission of self-sacrificing to “happiness”.

For your own sanity, make the time to appreciate that you have broken the mold society has been forcing you into and that you are going to raise the bar of the modern day male. It is a more difficult life, but you need to keep in mind there is no shortcut to any place worth going.

With all of that said, enjoy the ride.

  • Enjoy the shit tests as they are entertaining and truly amusing when you realize your wife just wants to talk and you aren’t responsible for answering or solving everything she brings up.
  • Enjoy the pain from lifting. The discomfort from weightlifting provides a humbling yet spiritual experience. Knowing the limits of your body, then training to raise those limits is some powerful shit. I bought a bench, barbell, squat stand, and bumper plates. I can now lift in my garage whenever I want so there is no excuse for missed workout.
  • Laugh at yourself, laugh at your wife, laugh at your kids, and laugh at the absurdity of what goes on around you. People can’t fathom that I don’t let my kids watch TV or snack whenever and that I will run around outside with them in the rain or do mud crawls or hop around on their scooters. I don’t give a fuck I keep doing me and my kids are better off because of it. It is sad, but fathers have become so sedentary and lethargic that they can’t keep up with their kids and are too tired to laugh anymore. Not me and hopefully not you, enjoy playing around with them and reminding them that their old man can hang. I’d much rather whoop my son’s ass at connect four then have us all plugged into the TV watching Spongebob.
  • Make fun of your wife, ruffle her feathers. Don’t be a dickhead, but bring the spark of humor into your relationship. A while ago I replaced my wife’s incense with a sparkler when she wasn’t paying attention. It looked like the fourth of July for a few minutes, it was awesome. Stupid stuff like that, stop taking yourself so serious. She is just a girl you like on the playground, pull her hair, tease her, have fun and laugh together.

Gentlemen, we have an opportunity to live life as men and keep our marriage until we are too old to remember we are even married (and at that point who cares)? Enjoy it while it lasts, have fun and strive to reach a point of optimal existence, full immersion in each moment.

Enjoy each and every moment you have on this earth, life is nothing more than a bunch of experiences.

Stay strong, make it count, and don’t forget to smile.

Take Action and Take Care,


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