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QUESTION: Do you know what feminists and gender traitors really, really hate?

ANSWER: When their position is questioned.

I have learned through experience and the stories I’ve read on the Manosphere that whenever an ‘accepted’ belief is challenged, people get bent out of shape.

As I lay awake, pondering what can be done to save masculinity both in marriage and as a whole, it is clear that at the least, we all must be asking the questions.

I used to be a very religious person, then I began to ask questions, from there I went on my own personal journey from which I came out a ‘humanist’ of sorts.

As I am walking this journey of spreading the message of embracing masculinity (vs repressing it) I’ve realized that I need to follow this same course of action. We all need to be asking questions.

  • Why do men get the raw end of the deal in divorce?
  • Why do we teach boys and girls in the same manner?
  • Why are boys told that their natural tendency of being sexually charged, competitive, and aggressive are bad things that should be repressed?
  • Why are women given a pass time and time again?
  • Why are men painted as rapists/oppressors/abusers when they say they enjoy sex/fighting/competing?
  • Why are there no spaces that are ‘men only’?
  • Why do men pay the bill, hold the door, lay down their jacket, & sleep on the couch?
  • Why have men become so sad and pitiful?
  • Why is it called a ‘DadBod’ & ‘Dad Joke’?
  • Why aren’t men entitled to a paternity test on birth?

These are but a few questions that will lead to other questions, so on and so forth. As you ask yourself these ‘Whys’ recognize two things.

  1. Until there is a shift in support of the female imperative, this is our reality and you must not balk but rather find a way to make this knowledge work to your advantage. Appreciate the gift provided by The Manosphere, the gift of knowledge and awareness. You are armed with the understanding of how and why things are operating in the manner they do; exploit that.
  2. This is not only the result of feminism, but also gender traitors (white knights) who have been looking to gain favor with women on a grand scale. Some traitor somewhere wants to put women into combat roles so he can say See ladies, I’m a ‘Nice Guy’ and I support women when in actuality he is going to get them killed as well as the men they serve with. The military is but one example; look at how widespread the female imperative has spread. It is in every facet of society and has led to all of the questions I asked above.

The next time you are dealing with an individual who is pushing the agenda of women, just ask the question. Also, do so in a masculine manner, ask the question with overt communication; straight forward, confident, maintaining eye contact, and with a posture that says, Answer Me.

It is very rare for anyone to challenge anyone else nowadays, especially in person. We have keyboard warriors out the ass, but to challenge accepted thoughts in person watch how they quake.

Question everything, especially as a masculine male living in a weaksauce society.

Question everything, especially as a strong male living in a weak society.

In order for masculinity to spread, men must embrace their masculine nature. In order for the ripple effect to occur, the knowledge must be spoken, written, recorded, and shared. How do you spread knowledge, you discuss it.

For me, it’s this blog, The Fraternity of Excellence, and The Family Alpha Podcast. For you, maybe you ask the question, as innocent as it seems, but you do so in a place where you know other men will hear you.

You plant the seed in their mind and when they go home and they ponder your question maybe they’ll wonder, ‘Yeah, why is it called a ‘DadBod’ I’m a Dad and I look…oh shit, well maybe I have a little weight to lose, but the wife doesn’t like muscles she said – wait – we did have crazy sex after she watched Magic Mike XXL…’ Boom! That man has started the process of finding his way to embracing his masculine nature.

Instead of standing by and allowing this bullshit to continue unchallenged, take a stand in a tactful manner. Don’t get up and throat punch the ‘teacher’(society), just disrupt the class (fellow citizens) by asking the question Why?

Take Action and Take Care,


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