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We are currently living in a time of Post-Traumatic Growth Opportunity.


What is Post-Traumatic Growth?

PTGO is positive psychological change experienced as a result of adversity and other challenges in order to rise to a higher level of functioning.

In 2020 we had:


  1. Riots
  2. Masks
  3. Deaths
  4. Disease
  5. Protests
  6. Isolation
  7. Shutdowns
  8. Travel Bans
  9. Quarantines
  10. School Closures

Each of these could fall into the category of “Traumatic” independently; and yet you (we) have faced them simultaneously…


It’s time to accept that yes, all of that happened; but now what…?

Well, now we stop looking at the problems of the world and we start finding the opportunities for us to implement solutions in our lives.


We Must Accept The World As It Is and Not How We Want It To Be

Thinking about how things should be, is the surest way to anger, anxiety, and depression. All we have is what we have, whether we agree with it or not and that’s the way life works.

My wife said early on into all this that “this isn’t the way life should be” context being she was talking about the world our kids were living in.

She isn’t wrong as having to wear masks when going into stores, dealing with closures and cancellations, everything is different and people don’t like change; especially when the rules being put into place don’t make any sense whatsoever.

Instead of cowering in fear and frustration, or choosing to continue down the self-destructive path of numbing with alcohol or drugs, why not take the Stoic approach and choose to take ownership over what is in your control, like your response to the events around you.

You can choose to get stress or you can choose to look at this as an opportunity…



Do The Opposite of the Masses

After two decades of binge drinking, I decided that this quarantine and global clusterfuck was the perfect time to finally drop the booze for good.


The whole world is saying that I (we) have every justification to remain fat, stressed, alcoholics.

Don’t ever look to the government or mass population for an example of right looks like, in fact you’d be doing much better off if you saw the popular actions and did the opposite.


For others looking to drop addictions, I created the Sober Community 365 to Sobriety (FREE to join).



So, what is the “booze” in your life?

What is the thing that is keeping you from reaching the point where your life is more than just wake up, work, rinse, repeat?

What’s stopping you from coming out of 2021 with bigger muscles, less fat, a larger bank account, and less stress?

Some people made 2020 their most productive year and entered 2021 with all of the momentum in the world. These people chose to do what was right, not what is easy and the result has been sustained growth.

Look at the opportunities you have in your life:


  • Choose to connect with others instead of bottling yourself up at home.
  • Choose to get rid of vices and replace with healthier habits that reduce stress and anxiety.
  • Choose to workout instead of sitting and eating garbage while consuming mind melting BS on Netflix.
  • Choosing to read books instead of watching the fear and anger inducing propaganda on the news.

2021 is presenting opportunities for growth and actualizing your greatest self mentally, physically, and spiritually.

Things have been rough on a grand scale and while that has impacted many of our lives negatively, it’s also stripped every excuse from the book for maintaining mediocrity.

Instead of looking at why you should stay down, why not take the approach of saying, “the world went insane, why not make that the year I actually unfucked my life…?“.

Acta Non Verba,

Zac Small

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