Hello, I’m Zachary Small and I’d like to welcome you to my site.

I’m an author, Veteran, and CoFounder of the private Men’s group the Fraternity of Excellence which has helped hundreds of men turn their lives around and continues to do so for many more.

My writing on this blog focuses on masculinity, marriage, and fatherhood focusing on ways men can get the absolute best from each.

I’ve been running The Family Alpha blog since 2015 but the lessons learned and shared here were decades in the making.

I lost my mother to suicide when I was six years old, I spent my formative years being a “nice guy” trying to find my place in the world; I ended up spending 5 years in high school and after graduating I had zero sense of motivation, discipline, or direction in life.

I then joined the Navy, married the woman I’d been dating since I was 16, together we have two children, I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, and created a brand which enabled me to work full time for myself.

This taught me a life lesson I share as often as I can with others who are coming from less than stellar background, “Who you were does not dictate who you become.

I’ve found that sharing my life experiences and insights has helped others improve their lives as well.

Mostly, responses are from people who are happy to find someone who is sharing both successes as well as failures, a real person writing about a real life lived and not some fantasy sold for “likes” and “shares“.

Whether you found me because of my writing about family, the military, podcasts on fatherhood or interviews about developing a life filled with purpose it makes no difference; you’re here and I hope you enjoy the content being delivered.

Last point, you’ll find several podcasts and articles where I go by Hunter Drew, this is due to the fact that I started writing while I was in the military and I was looking to avoid any violation of participating in “political activities” so I figured I’d use a pen name (Hunter Drew) and thus I could write about whatever I wanted.

Well, I left the service and The Family Alpha Blog, Podcast, YouTube, FoE, and my coaching services along with growth on social media became so successful that I was fortunate enough to be able to leave my 9-5 and work for myself.

This set the inevitable decision in 2020 to leave the pen name and come out to the world as Zac.

If you want total access to the content being created, be sure to follow all social media outlets as well as joining the email list.

I’ve been up, I’ve been down, and through this blog you’ll see I’ve been me this whole time and maybe some of the lessons learned with help you find your “self” in your life as well.