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Do you ever find yourself laying awake at night thinking about everything that you needed to get done yet didn’t?

Late night thoughts of the bills, time lost that was supposed to be dedicated to your personal development, or the many activities that you wanted to do with the wife and kids which didn’t happen because…stuff?

Too many men can sing the same tune…



Quieting The Screaming Mind

So what can we do about it?

1) Accomplish Something: Put one thing on your “To Do” list that you will absolutely get done before bed, zero excuses. By accomplishing at least one thing there will be a sense of satisfaction that something got done.

2) Improve Your Physical Fitness: I used to ponder things and have serious bouts of insomnia. Then I started a new training regimen which increased the volume significantly.

I can’t stay up even if I want to at times; I’m physically too exhausted to watch shows or worry about bullshit. If your mind is racing at night, you didn’t train hard enough.

3) Face Your Demons Head On: Look, if your finances are in disarray, sweeping them under the rug is not fixing the issue, it’s kicking the can down the road. Doing so will have you thinking about it at night and stress will creep in from there.

Same with your:


  • Marital issues.
  • Physique
  • Level of admiration from kids
  • Respect from co-workers
  • Past abuses and unresolved traumas from friends or family

Whatever it is that you’re running from, you have to face it.

Have the hard conversations, face the perpetrator of your betrayal, and deal with them head. The conflict will be necessary to silence the voice; that may mean arguments, cutting people from your life, or choosing to skip the vacation to pay off the card; action is required and you must be willing to do the hard thing so you can bring tranquility back into your life.

4) Reach Out: Too often men try to go at it alone; there’s a reason I keep my DMs open, I want to help where I can. Now, if you need extensive work, I offer both one on one as well as a private community for you to immerse yourself into if that’s what you need.

For the love of whatever you hold holy, reach out to anyone and let them know you’re struggling; there is no reason for you to sit there and suffer in silence.

5) Unfuck Your Routine: This is simple enough and a solid piece of advice to wrap this list up with. If you’re drinking Monsters and Red Bulls at 5pm, snacking at 10pm, watching TV or playing video games until 11pm, then scrolling on your phone until past midnight, you are your problem, not the world.

It’s time to act like an adult and re-prioritize your life.

Cut the crap stimulants and time vampire shows from your routine. Each night do the same thing: no late meals, screens away an hour before bed, grab some melatonin, and read a book.

You likely need to chill the fuck out.

Want a better nightly routine where the brain knows it’s time to power off? Create one.

Follow the above and you’ll find yourself getting better sleep within a few days, guaranteed.

You may go through some withdrawals from the constant stimulation, so be it as that’s the price you pay for jacking up the wiring inside your mind.

Life is better when your sleep is dialed in and when your sleep is dialed in your mind is more clear and less self-critical.

Take Action and Take Care,


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