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There comes a point in most “drinkers” lives where they ask themselves, “Do I have a problem…?“.

Everything you read on ‘Alcohol Free’ blogs will tell you that if you’re asking the question, there’s a reason but I’m not going to take that approach.

Instead, I’m going to share five reasons I got sober and you can decide if you see yourself in my story.


I’m at 182 days without a drop of booze today (January 5th, 2021)

Those 182 days came after 2 decades of binge drinking (13-33 years old) and multiple failed attempts at sobriety.

Despite my propensity to drink by the bottle, I do not view myself to be a “recovering alcoholic” or alcoholic of any sort for that matter and each of those 182 days which came with zero cravings/withdrawals were done without any sort of formal program.


  • I did not go to AA.
  • I did not spend time in a hospital recovering.
  • I did not check myself into a rehabilitation clinic.

My bout of “Spontaneous Sobriety” came after another night of drinking, except this time I was looking at my glass of wine and I finally asked myself two really hard questions:


  1. Why am I doing this?
  2. What positive does this bring into my life.

In that moment, the façade came crashing down and just like that, I was done…


Here Are The Top 5 Reasons I Gave Up Alcohol

1. Alcohol Never Delivers On It’s Promises
One more drink and I’ll be there” it goes through all our heads, one more drink and I will be more relaxed, happier, funnier, etc. Chasing the promise of alcohol is like chasing dragons and just like the fact that dragons aren’t real, neither is the promise of alcohol. It doesn’t bring anything to your life that you’ve been told it should; the commercials, ads, and messages are all lies. Drinking booze won’t brighten you up and make you better, it dims your light and strips you of the beauty that is you.

2. Alcohol Doesn’t Bring a Single Positive To My Life
There’s not a single thing that would be better with booze. It doesn’t make me more interesting or creative, it doesn’t make sex better, it doesn’t make parties better, it doesn’t make anything better. Honestly think about it… What positive or benefit does alcohol do for you? I’ve navigated holidays, parties, success, failures, celebrations, and stress sober; nothing would have been better had I been drinking, nothing…

3. Alcohol Is Not Something I Want Glorified To My Children
I grew up in an environment which idolized alcohol. It was drink because it’s a reunion, because someone is visiting, because birthdays, funerals, cookouts, graduations, sports are on, it’s raining, you’re happy, you’re sad, etc…Alcohol was the elixir which was added to every event to make it better, I want my kids to see me having a great time without alcohol, I want them to have as limited exposure to the stuff as possible to be honest. I speak openly to them about why people drink and about why I don’t; they’re very aware of what’s happening around them.

4. Alcohol Has The Problem, Not Me
We don’t expect people to moderate their crack intake, so why does alcohol get the pass? You don’t blame the crackhead, you blame the crack yet if I say alcohol is a poison that shouldn’t be consumed, people look at me like I’m the weirdo. How am I the crazy one when I’ve found a way to break free from the clutches of an addictive drug which has billions of dollars spent to make it appear appetizing and necessary? You don’t see companies advertising crack, cocaine, or other addictive drugs, so why alcohol?

5. I’m A Terrible Drunk
I’m not creative like Hemingway or immersed like Joyce no matter how desperately I wished I was. I wanted to be the writer who drank but create beauty; that wasn’t me. I’m sloppy and my writing sucks when I’ve been drinking. In fact, when I was drinking and “having a good time“, my writing sucked, I was getting fat, my stress was high, and self-respect was low…In every sense of the word, I was killing myself and my life’s work in the process.


That’s it, my top 5 reasons for putting the bottle down.

I’ve not had a single regret and in one of those rare moments in life I can honestly say that by removing alcohol, every single aspect of my life has improved.

If you find yourself doubting the health of your relationship with alcohol, maybe it’s time you asked the questions I did, starting with “Why are you continuing to voluntarily consume this poison which even after extreme processing still tastes like garbage…?

It’s not that you or I can’t drink, it’s that we don’t have to drink and we won’t because, why would we intentionally bring a net negative into our life?

Acta Non Verba,


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