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Everyone is telling you:


  • The Election Is Rigged
  • The Press Is The Enemy
  • Things are about to get much worse.
  • We’re Heading Towards Economic Meltdown.

Reality seems like something that wouldn’t even be approved for a Soap Opera script as it’s just too unbelievable, yet here we are…

The question needing to be answered is, What. Do. You. Do?​


Some of these items may seem obvious to some of you, remember that there may be men and women reading this who are at literal “square one“.

People who thought the government and police would always be there for them are realizing, possibly for the first time, that this notion may not be true

As more and more people are renouncing the almighty god of ‘Main-Stream Media‘ and are now looking to be baptized into reality.

Here are 25 actions with brief descriptions to help with that process.


Each of these are priority #1



1. You Need Cold Hard Cash on Hand

Cash is King, not just because it’s cold, hard, and instant but also because it’s much harder to trace. The government can see I took $2k from my account, they have no idea where that money went.

In a world where everything is monitored, subject to tax, and potentially facing negative interest rates, it’s more important to me that I keep 100% control over my cash than it is I maintain a healthy balance to get my 1% interest return.

There are many safes to store your cash in, some are way cooler than others.

You don’t need to deplete your account, but you’ll never have to worry about your bank seizing your accounts or worse, refusing/unable to give you money when you really need it.



2. Do You Have Enough Food In Case of Emergency?

Do you like to eat?

Would you like to continue enjoying meals after your local supermarkets have been shut down and nobody is delivering?

Stock up the food reserves you have in your home, not just with MREs like some psychopath, but rather with cans of food, bags of rice, jams, snacks, little add-ons like hot-sauce, etc.

Food is great, make sure you have enough to last you a month of not being able to head to a store.

There are a crazy amount of “Bulk Food” options to choose from these days.

The likelihood of being this strapped is quite low, the benefit of being the family not struggling with food is an extremely high return that will have you thanking yourself.



3. How Much Water Do You Need To Have On Hand?

When it comes to water, everyone thinks about drinking, few think of shitting or food.

It’s easy to say, “1 Gallon/day for drinking and 2 Gallons/day for miscellaneous” but 3 Gallon a day per person may be too much/too little so you need to evaluate and decide; more is better than less.

If power is knocked out, most people won’t have running water; how do you flush a toilet if the tank won’t fill? How do you boil all that food you grabbed without any water?

You need water to wash your body, eat your food, flush your toilet, and much more.

How little work would it take for you to buy a few gallons each week and store wherever you can store it? How great a benefit would it be to have all that water stored for use if you were to lose power or running water.

Stock up.



4. Who Can You Turn To When SHTF?

There’s almost nothing more important than being tapped into a network, community, or tribe (call it what you want) when it comes to staying informed and prepared.

The diverse skills and talents within the Fraternity of Excellence keeps me ahead of the curve in many areas.


In fact, the main reason 2020 was such a strong year for me was because in 2019 I had several men warn me to take the steps listed in this blog; when things went south, I was ready and waiting.

Still, I keep up to date by turning to other men in my personal network for guidance and warning.

An example of someone outside FoE yet still in my network is Jack Murphy; in the conversation below we dive into what family men and women need to know to take as little interference/damage both mentally and physically as possible in the current climate of the United States:

The Family Alpha Podcast: Ep. 117: Navigating A Politically Divided Nation with Guest Jack Murphy

​The world may be caught off guard, but you won’t be as you’ve got a community either in the real world or online which is aimed towards being prepared for issues which may arise.

Keep in mind, your network should transcend the electrons.

Get to know your neighbors, get to know the people you interact with online over a coffee or meal, start making friendships and doing more than shit-posting online.

It’s time to take your future more seriously; it’s time to choose real information shared by real people to keep you from suffering real pain.

Less memes and trolling with more intentional follows and a timeline that informs you and doesn’t just kill time is the goal.

Connect with the people who are sharing information which improves your life, grow your network.

Check out the Fraternity of Excellence for a look at my tribe which thriving while others are barely surviving.



5. Why Hygiene Is So Important

People always talk, “Thousands of rounds of ammo, Food for months, Gold and Silver stashed away…

People rarely talk Tampons, Toilet Paper (more so now due to the shortage from the quarantine), and soap.

If you’re to be suck in the home for an extended period of time, you need to have the essentials which include things that aren’t as flashy as firearms yet are necessary all the same.



6. Which First-Aid Kit Is The Best?

Everyone knows that people get hurt, very few people expect to be the person who must take care of the person who gets hurt.

During emergencies, you may be the only person there to render aid to yourself or a loved one for hours; remember, the Police, EMT, Firefighters, etc. they all may be busy or blocked from getting you.

Get a medical kit and get yourself some training; Community Colleges and Fire Departments host events somewhat frequently where I live, check your town’s schedule.

It’ll be worth it when your spouse or child is in pain and you can be the one to save the day; this ranges from scrapes at the playground to broken bones.

Be prepared and have your kit ready.

I Give My Highest Recommendation to SOLATAC



7. What Is The Best Weapon For Self-Defense

Guns, Knives, Bats, Swords, Axes, and so much more

You can do damage with almost anything, with that said you are much more likely to do damage to yourself if you do not train and are not comfortable with the weapons you’re choosing to use.

Don’t buy a gun thinking, “Now I’m safe

You aren’t safe until you’re properly trained with that (any) weapon.



8. How To Get Your Family Into Prepping?

Does your family know what to do in the event of a fire? Flooding? A Storm?

For many, this conversation has never been had, therefore the family is nothing more than a group of individuals living together.


You need to make those individuals a TEAM.

Everyone needs a job; everyone needs to be aware of what bad things can happen and what they can do to mitigate the damage.

This will not only bring another level of connection to the family unit, but it will also lessen any damage taken as everyone will work together, making everyone a stronger part of the team.



9. You Need To Look The Part

Nobody fucks with the guy who looks like he shouldn’t be fucked with.

The way you carry yourself may be what makes or breaks you being selected as a target.

It’s time you stopped walking around the world staring at the ground with your shoulders slumped; it makes people think, “I can take that guy” and once that label is slapped on you, it’s all downhill from there.

Why do you need to look strong, confident, and capable?

Because the weak people looking to rob and harm innocents are afraid of strength.

Look strong and have your family look strong, be intentional with who you are, how you carry yourself, and what it is you wear.

​Tanner Guzy is an excellent resource when it comes to claiming control over your appearance, check out his work.



10. How To Not Be Bored

When it comes to preparation everyone wants to talk of the cool shit and nobody wants to factor in the entertainment factor.

When the lights are out or you’re stuck in the house for days, how are you and your kids going to pass the time?

Get some board games you don’t open unless SHTF, that way they’re new to the kids giving you something to do which takes time off your thinking about everything that can go wrong.

Get some art supplies and something fun as time doesn’t move as fast when you’ve got nothing to distract you from being together, unable to leave.

Reduce the future stress by preparing some distractions now.

PS: You can’t go wrong with a deck of cards.



11. Who Delivers Honest News Anymore?

There are a lot of voices out there and quite a few are sharing very contradictory information, who is telling the truth?

Stop trying to find out who is honest now and look at who has been honest the entire time. Who has consistently been correct and sharing information which was later validated?

People don’t magically start telling the truth and a majority of us have been doing this for years, you should know by now who is keeping it real with you.

Trusted sources are those who want you informed without shoving a personal agenda into the mix

Trust those who haven’t lied.



12. How To Create More Hours In Your Day

The more you create/look at memes, troll others, argue online, and laugh at GIFs the less progress you’re making towards actualizing the life you want to live.

Stop giving your time to CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc.

Sure, you can watch and yell at the screen about the lies, inaccuracies, etc. but at the end of the day, what did that do except alleviate some frustration in that moment?

Be selfish with your time, start using it to elevate your life.



13. You Need To Share Your Vision

What do you stand for?

Is that a question your family can answer about you if they were asked?

Unfortunately, many men have no clue where they stand and therefore their family doesn’t either.

To remedy this, you need to start letting your family know who you are and why.

If you want your family to have values they’re willing to rise up and defend, you need to guide them through your actions and shared lessons to how and why they can do so.

Guide Your Family To Better



14. How To Blend In With The Crowd

I don’t have any Trump, Veteran, Gun, or any other bumper sticker or clothing which would make me a target in public.

My aim isn’t to show the entire world how I feel, it’s to live out my life and support these things not for the accolades of strangers but because it’s how I choose to live my life.


If you’ve got these indicators all over your vehicle or clothes, recognize that you’re putting a target on your back for the people who want to do you harm because they disagree with you.

When you’re in public, while it sounds great to champion what you believe in, it’s best to hide in plain sight, not standing out to be scalped.

The person who can do the most work in supporting the cause is the person who lives to do the work.



15. You Need To Improve Your Situational Awareness

Are you walking around with your head in the clouds or do you notice things that are out of place?

The bag on the side of the road that doesn’t fit the environment, the person who is looking shady, the different patterns which “just don’t fit“, etc.

You need to trust your gut.

When something looks wrong or just feels wrong, it is wrong and you need to become aware of what’s happening there.

Everyone these days is lost in their phone, making them oblivious to warning signs in the real world.

Don’t be that guy.

Pay attention to what’s happening around you.



16. Choose A Hill To Die On

Where do you draw the line?

This question is personal, only you can answer it.

Is it a rigged election, is it forced vaccinations, is it Church closures, you get the point...

What will cause you to say “No, that is enough.”.

From that point, are you able to physically and financially defend that position?

It’s easy to say, “I’ll stand against this” but actually doing so, that takes work and preparation.

Are you ready to do some work?



17. How Can You Make The World A Better Place?

You want to help America?Â


Start living well.

A country is nothing but the culmination of its citizen’s behaviors, so what you need to do is become a damn fine American citizen.

Live with strength, focus on refusing to give away your freedoms, and stand up for what you believe is right.


The Family Alpha Podcast: Ep. 127: America vs COVID-19


You don’t have to lead militias throughout your community, (we aren’t there yet) but what you can do is show support for local businesses and volunteer where you can to improve your local area. You can also support the other voices out there who are championing for transparent political processes and fair and honest news.

You become a part of the solution when the way you live aligns with the future you want to see. Choose to live well and stop with the routine of redundancy without progress and comfort being priority #1 in all things.

Americans must do what is right, not easy.



18. So, Who Is Right In All This?

Everyone wants to be on the “winning team” and therefore most people (maybe you) will hold off on committing to change because, your side will win and you don’t have to worry about it…

This is a dangerously flawed mindset.

There is no winning until you are positioned to being able to handle whatever comes your way. It doesn’t matter if you’re Pro- Trump or Biden, things are going down regardless of who takes office so your “White House Win” doesn’t mean shit when it comes to your “Personal House Win“.

You need to be making moves and committing to taking responsibility for all aspects of your life, no matter who you think is right or what the world “looks” like it’s going to do, you need to be ready to handle it all.



19. Who Has The Power (Literally)

Invest in a Generator and a few power banks to charge electronic devices.

If SHTF then you’re going to want your home to have electricity for as long as possible; you’re also not going to want to be the dude who isn’t answering his phone because it’s dead.

Get yourself some juice for when the wires fall and you’re on your own.

It’s worth the money, especially when you know your neighbors are sitting by candlelight and you’re up and running, I guarantee it.



20. What Do You Need To Prep For?

Understand this, your security is your responsibility.


If a monster hurricane rolls around and wipes your town out, causing all sorts of damage, the advice shared above is going to help you. The same could be said about flood, fire, riots, earthquakes, etc.

Do not allow yourself or your family to suffer preventable pain or stress from the natural elements as well as manmade. If you’re prepared for a riot you should also be prepared for fire, flooding, and snow.

Think of every shit sandwich you can be served, have a response for all of it, not just the hot topic items like looting and protests.



21. Do You Have A Vehicle Everyday Carry? (VEDC)

Have you ever considered what your car security looks like?

Think about it, what weapons are in your vehicle, how many fire extinguishers, and what’s the medical kit look like?

Are you willing to drive through protestors or will you stop your car hoping they’ll move along?

What would your “new behind the wheel” child do?

…your wife?

You need a plan to survive outside the home just as much as you do to survive inside it.



22. Nothing Is 100% Secure

Understand this, from Bitcoin to the Firearms you’ve purchased and everything in-between the steps you’re taking to secure yourself, your family, and your assets are being observed.

Call me paranoid, but I believe that everything we do is monitored.

I would not put it past the Government to start searching gun purchases, Crypto purchases, and land purchases then knocking on the doors of those people with questions.

Knowing this, what moves can you get “off the books“?

How can you make yourself so average to not stand out or be on the list of people who need to be paid a visit?

That answer is unique to you and the point of this discussion is why I’m not going to share my approach, I just want to remind you, secure your belongings by recognizing nothing is secure.



23. Life Skills Can Pay More Than Bills

If you can hunt or fish, you worry less about food because you can go out and kill next month’s dinner.

If you can grow crops, similar thing.

If you don’t know anything about the outdoors except that water is wet, you need to step your Boy-Scout game up.

What you need to figure out is what skills do you have which you can leverage to improve your situation and where do you lack? It’s time to start looking at the skills you don’t have and to start sharpening them in case you need them.

From changing a tire to treating a rolled ankle you need to start figuring out what don’t you know.



24. So What’s The Right Answer?

You need to embody your truth and you need to do so while factoring in all the information presented as objectively as you can.

There’s no way to know with 100% certainty that one martial art is better than another or that one candidate for Senate is better than another.

There are the facts, your opinion, and somewhere in-between the truth.

Take the truth and apply it, even if it leads to some painful places which may force you to admit you were wrong. Admitting a mistake now is much better than ignoring it and falling apart months/years from now when things are even more amplified.

Also, it is 100% factually true that investing time and money into your preparation to handle whatever life throws at you is the right call to make.

Don’t doubt your efforts after you’ve evaluated where you stand, people will say anything to make you support their choices.



25. It’s Never Too Late To Start

You can throw your pity party about how you should have been prepping for years, you should have bought A, B, and C instead of X, Y, and Z but where does that get you?

Starting(continuing) after you read this list is all that matters, I don’t care if all that means is you spent $20 on flashlights since you didn’t have any.

You just need to start making progress today and more tomorrow, align your future moves with the new goal you’ve set, to be prepared and as well stocked as you can be, “just in case“.

There is something to be said for the peace of mind which the above actions will provide you with.

If nothing else, you’ll know you’re in a good spot if things go down, worst case, you’ll be disappointed you didn’t get to play with your new toys…yet.


I hope this list helps you and shined a light on some potential oversights making you even more prepared to make it through life’s BS with a smile on your face.

I wish you and your family the absolute best of outcomes and safest journey in life.

Acta Non Verba,


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