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I’m sitting in the Orlando International Airport people watching and going over the past week in my mind.

To be completely honest, it’s a nauseous blur, not due to anything other than the amount of incredible insights and interactions I’ve had. I made it through the 2018 21 Convention sober, which is a hell of an accomplishment as people were offering to buy me a drink every damn break we had and every party we attended.

Regardless of the insanity that this past week has been, I find it incredibly important to get an unbiased review of the event and speakers out sooner rather than later. I want the memories fresh; the sights, smells, and order of events recorded before they dissipate into the nether regions of my mind.

I want to share with those reading this blog why it is so damn important that we, as men, get together with other like minded men in the real world.


The Event


Last year was my first time attending the 21 Convention and I did so as a speaker, you can read my review here.

I titled that piece ‘MenTouring’ as 21 Con literally has men touring the globe, coming together from countries such as Germany, Bulgaria, Australia, Canada, and more for the single purpose of exchanging ideas in an attempt to raise the current standard of the masculine landscape in society.

This year’s title is ‘37 F*cks To Give‘, which is a tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that this year I said the word “Fuck” 37x (Thanks for counting Tex) as opposed to last year where it was over 100 (Someday I will watch it while holding a pitch counter to get the exact number).

Last year I was told that the convention had set a new bar for itself, as a first time speaker/witness to the event I took their word for it. I knew that Red Pill speakers were brought into the fray and that’s why I was there, I was told it was the largest crowd to date, and I knew that I popped my public speaking cherry (Speech Here) it was a great time.

This year was different in the sense that I now had the ability to compare last year to this year, I had a standard and an expectation based on my previous experience.

I’ll be frank, the 2018 Convention blew past the 2017 mark with ease:


  • Venue was beautiful.
  • Staff was coordinated and with increased personnel all operations seemed to flow more smoothly.
  • Security was sound.
  • AV/Tech was upgraded.
  • Restaurants were accommodating and gracious to the large crowd we’d brought.
  • I’m not sure how to measure this last bit other than it being a “feeling” I had, but it seemed that even the attendees raised their standard. The crowd was dressing better and approaching the speakers with actionable questions as opposed to trying to get their life story out in 30 seconds.

As I observed the speakers, I couldn’t help but think of how kick ass it was that Anthony was able to pull this off. Last year I thought he’d killed it, then he goes and makes the improvements listed as well as increasing attendees, streamlining the flow of speakers, and live streaming for those who could not attend without error.

The event itself went off without a hitch.

I was asked if there was anything I would suggest for them to improve upon and I drew a blank, Anthony put on one hell of a convention and for any event planners out there, you know how hard that is to do with “normal people” forget about doing so with driven and always independently moving Red Pill minds that march to the beat of their own drum.


The Speakers

The list below by no means captures the entirety of those I engaged with, learned from, and company I enjoyed.

There are many on this list who I simply didn’t have the opportunity to grab a photo with due to the fact that they were consistently swarmed with men looking to pick their brains.

Sam Botta: Sam is a man whom I was introduced to through via his work with Rollo Tomassi. Sam did the audiobook for TRM along with several other works. Sitting there and listening to him speak, it’s no wonder his voice has brought him to such heights. More importantly than hearing his voice, was being present for the delivery of his message. Not once in my life have I thought I was capable of so much more or that this movement had such potential than after I sat down and had a talk with him over cigars. The man believes in his message, he believes in the salvation of masculinity, and he makes men believe in themselves, yours included. It was an incredible opportunity and I will always appreciate him taking time out of his night to sit and talk with me.

Richard Cooper: RC is a dude’s dude, there’s no bullshit or drama surrounding him and his message, straight to the point which is something we all can appreciate in the day and age of “fluff” over matter. He spoke of the lessons he’d pass to his son and anyone listening knew these were life lessons we should all be applying and sharing with our fellow man. Cooper was surrounded by men 24/7 and he gave each attendee his time and energy. I was fortunate to hop on a Red Man Group with him live on the last day and as always he delivered a professional product for those in attendance as well as those watching us live.

Rian Stone: It hard to describe my relationship with Rian, so I’ll give you an example of what it’s like when I see him.

You know when you grow up and you have that best friend?

Then you go your own way; join the military, go off to college, etc.

But, whenever you come home you instantly “click” with that friend and it’s like you were hanging out the night before?

That’s Rian and I

His mastery over words and the ability to connect what seem to be unrelated dots is unmatched; I can’t tell if he’s brilliant or autistic as fuck.

My favorite quote from the entire event came from him, “Stop stepping on your dick then analyzing the imprint.”

Alan Roger Currie: I was very fortunate to take the stage after this man. Alan is the only dude who can reach the levels of energy I bring to the stage, so for him to go out there and charge the men up for an hour, it made it easy for me to come in and throw gasoline on their fire. Direct communication is the name of his game, if you want to increase your confidence and overall capability when talking to women you should support his work by grabbing a copy of Mode One.

Ed Latimore: Ed is legit one of the most chill human beings I know. Maybe it’s his CBD oil, maybe it’s the fact that he has fought in the ring so long that life has quieted down, I don’t know. What I do know is that he made time for every man who sought his time and attention, patiently listening then delivering high quality information to each man accordingly. Ed is a solid dude and one I hope to meet again in the near future as those chill and positive vibes are desperately needed in the world.

George Bruno: Unfortunately, I do not have the vocabulary needed to give this man the justice he deserves. He is refined, welcoming, and masculine as hell; he’s the man who you want on your side because he will move the world for friends, he’ll also unleash absolute hell on those who seek to promote the further repression of masculinity in men. George is a friend and mentor, a man who I will always make the time to listen to when he is speaking. I am a better man today directly because of the conversations and time I was able to spend with him over the course of the week.


Mr. Swift & Craig James


Meeting Mr. Swift was something I’d been looking forward to well before 21 Con. Initially I was going to go to where he lived and meet up with him and Ivan, then that didn’t work out. It wasn’t until damn near the kickoff of the event that he was added to the lineup and I was pumped. Similar to Rian, once we met it was like we’d always known each-other; the banter, the jabs, the laughs – all of it was like we’d been friends for years and were just meeting up like we always did. His message was sound, his speech was raw and from the soul, he is a man whom I will be seeing before next 21 Con.

Craig Fucking James, I partnered up on The Family Alpha with the man, if that doesn’t say how much respect I have I don’t know what does.

Co-Founding the Fraternity of Excellence together has us talking daily, working hard together, and balancing the workload off one another. There is something to be said for breaking the electronic barrier and meeting the man in the flesh. Shaking his hand felt as those we closed the final piece to our partnership.

Both of us left 21 Con with a renewed energy and commitment to our cause.

Just when you thought we couldn’t bring this thing any higher we’re going to show you what all-in looks like.




I’ve been very open about my support of Tex’s work as well as the impact he has had on me. Tex is a man’s man, a father who has found a way to carry his burden of performance with great strength and understanding. He is a man who has been there to serve as a mentor to me on matters ranging from family, marriage, parenting, as well as business.

This man is a friend and an individual whom I will never be able to repay for the value he has added to my life.

Tex was one of the original Men of March who’s been marching with me ever since. We’ve been through highs and lows together, he’s a moderator inside the Fraternity of Excellence, our wives chat, and getting to meet his son inspired me as I got a glimpse of what I hope my relationship is like when I reach that point in my life.

This was his first time speaking at 21 Con and it moved men. I know it moved me as I was ready to go to wherever he was headed as the fires were lit in my heart and soul. He left it all on the stage, there are men whose lives are changed for the better forever directly because he had the balls to go out there and share his message.


Jack & AJA Cortes


Quick story before I talk about these guys.

My kids saw this photo on the computer screen and said, “Did you get to meet WWE wrestlers in Florida?

Jack Murphy is a man whom I was very much looking forward to meeting as him and I have the shared passion of keeping our message as authentic as possible as well as coaching Little League Baseball.

When Jack went through his issues with doxxing, removal from coaching, and facing termination at his place of employment, I lost my fucking shit. I was so god damned angry that we live in a world where an involved father was treated like this because some proven psycho dragged his name in the mud, he was guilty before ever receiving a trial.

Before I go further: Support Him By Buying His Book And Leaving A Quality Review

Moving past the SJW bullshit, Jack delivered a killer speech where he shared a piece of his soul with us all. I’ll never forget sitting near him during one of the speeches and he is tracking his sons game on an app. Him and I were cheering for his little man then later on I was sharing my son’s stats from his game. It was cool to have that moment and do a normal “dad thing” while in an environment where I wasn’t able to be with my family physically.

Next was AJA Cortes, this guy is as driven and active as you’d think from the content he puts out into the world. I watched him help men, write an email, give a speech, take photos, and tweet all at almost the exact same time. He’s an efficient human and one who goes beyond the “norm” when you think of personality types. Sure, we’ll see the fitness aspect as well as business acumen, but late one of the nights we were also talking about the mystery behind Bronze Age Pervert and his amazingly in depth and insightful book Bronze Age Mindset. AJA’s insights were deep and it was a solid discussion showing that what you see online is the real deal, with him and every man who spoke.




Goldmund is Goldmund

He is exactly who he says he is and does exactly what he says he does.

His insights on the Daemon (I think I’m spelling it right) really spoke to me. I am interested in learning how to tap into that more artistic and creative aspect of my “self”; I want to give an unfiltered version of me to the world.

Goldmund is a good human being and his pure expression is something which is desperately needed in the world.

I know it seems like I’m pimping out Amazon Affiliates but I truly hope everyone buys all of the products from these men are they’re putting themselves out there for their fellow man. Goldmund has Amazon shadow banning positive reviews from verified purchasers: Tell them to get fucked for trying to censor his message by buying his book and spreading the message far and wide.




Tanner is the man who unfucked my style.

His work not only helped me learn how to dress like a man, he also (along with his wife over dinner) took time to help me bring The Family Alpha from a hobby to a legit brand.

He is a fellow family man and an individual who is working to help those around him learn to wear their clothes and stop letting their clothes wear them.

There was a moment while we were waiting for the next speaker where he shared a photo of his family and it hit me right in the heart. Here was a man who was feeling exactly what I was feeling, pursuing the mission while missing the family. You never want to be away from the wife and kids, yet there are men who need to hear the message, how to balance both?

That is something both Tanner and I are working on. Pursuing our mission while balancing the needs of our family. Building a brand, giving speeches, and making money from these endeavors is great, but a wife and children need presence, not presents.

Tanner is a man who fights every day to keep that balance in check, he is a man among men and I wish him and his clan the greatest life has to offer.


Donovan Sharpe


In the land of conformity, authenticity reigns king.

Donovan is a King, the dude says what needs to be said, not what is popular or will gain him favor; no, he says what he feels and backs it up.

Donovan and I were able to talk a few subjects I wanted to flesh out and I was pumped to have had the opportunity to do a Red Man Group session with him live. The man is a master of his craft, his work on The Sharpe Reality is something I hope goes mainstream on the national level as the message is needed by all men everywhere.

While the two of us were going for the AMOG look in the photo, Donovan is one of the chillest dudes there and he was open to talking to all of the men who wanted to ask him questions or pick his brain.

A solid man who I hope to collaborate with more in the future.


Rollo Tomassi


They don’t call him the GodFather of The Red Pill for nothing, this man has dedicated more hours of his life directly to his fellow man than anyone I know.

In the “Year #2” photo we aren’t going for the cute Japanese girl peace sign look, we’re celebrating the fact that we’re both on our second year of speaking at the 21 Convention.

Rollo is the man who recommended me to Anthony.

Without him, I’m not on that stage.

Further more, without him, countless men don’t find salvation from the barrage of attacks saying they are wrong for wanting to express their biological masculine tendencies.

The Rational Male is where thousands of men have found a reason to make it one more day with the living. Rollo is a mentor and friend, a man who I will support until the wheels fall off.


Ivan Throne


This dude.

Ivan Throne is my brother, simple as that.

I originally wanted to share the video where he beat me in our arm-wrestling rematch (I’m already training for next year) but there were too many faces exposed in the background and I did not want to compromise OPSEC.

So, I admit it here and share a photo where once again he has me wrapped up, dude flexes and my head pops like a zit. Fortunately he’s on my side, ANTIFA is fucked.

Ivan is a man who would throw the entire convention on his back and walk across shards of glass barefoot if it meant he could get his brethren to the promised land where they would learn to love themselves again.

He has sacrificed his mind, body, and spirit for those around him, only with the hope that when their fire was lit, they would share the light with the world. He lives his message, he embodies the words of honor and discipline.

Ivan is a man that you feel privileged to listen to.

When he speaks, you feel that he is speaking to you, to that level of your soul you try to keep safe from harm. Ivan pulls that part of you to the surface and he speaks to it. He does not coddle, he does not tolerate weakness, he expects you to be the man that you are and if you choose to be that man, he welcomes you with open arms.

This man puts himself on the front-lines and that is the reason I cherish our time together. He is a man who will burn out before he fades away and I believe we all need to ensure that we appreciate the beauty of the time we have to read his writing and listen to his message.

The Family Alpha would not exist if it were not for this man, everything I’ve done since 21 Con 2017 is a direct result of his words to me when I was ready to pull the plug. He woke me up, threw me a rope, I decided to climb and climb I did.

I am forever grateful that he chose to listen to me at 0200 in the morning and offer his advice.

Where the Dark Triad Man goes, you will find The Family Alpha.


Men from the Fraternity of Excellence


I’d say that this is certainly the most “fun” aspect to the entire convention. We had ten men, fucking 10 men from the Fraternity of Excellence attend the 21 Convention. For me, this was the first time breaking electronic barriers with them and I was able to do so with 10 of my men from the Fraternity. I can’t even begin to describe how fucking awesome that is.

I see these dudes weekly on our video chats, I knew their faces when they walked into the hotel.

We are talking constantly of this and that inside the FoE walls, but to break the electronic barrier and share jokes, shake hands, eat meals,  smoke cigars, etc. it was fucking surreal.

For the sake of privacy I chose not to share the photo of all of us.

I have it on my phone and every time I look at it a smile crosses my face.

This is what it is all about, what Anthony has built is what this entire thing we are doing on the “manosphere” is about.

Breaking the electronic barriers which exist and coming together as men to talk about being a man in a feminized world.

The memories and discussions I had with every man from FoE will last for a lifetime.

It was incredible, there’s nothing I can say to do justice to what each of those men brought to the table in the “real world”.


The Founder

Yeah, I saved the best for last.

Without ADJ none of this exists, he is the foundation from which every moment listed above is built upon.

Anthony Johnson has changed the landscape of the “Manosphere” forever. He’s found a way to get the top writers and thousands of men to come together for the soul purpose of eradicating the SJW bullshit which has been shoved down our throats for years out of our system.


The line has been drawn.


Feminism has been called out.

Where Anthony goes you will see The Family Alpha brand standing behind him.

This one of a kind event is changing lives, it’s bringing men together for the sake of masculine reclamation on a global scale.

This is only the beginning, get in and forge your bonds sooner rather than later.

For those who were unable to attend this year’s 21 Convention, you can get early access to all of the content once it is edited and released at 21 University: Click Here to Register for early access as well as being able to see all of the previous year’s content.


Forge Your Own Tribe


If you’re looking to forge your own tribe but are unable to do so via 21 Con due to geographical location, time restrictions, or you missed this window and do not want to wait another year before you reclaim your sense of masculinity and brotherhood, check out The Fraternity of Excellence.

We get as close to breaking the electronic realm as we can (We’re working to make physical meetups a reality in the near future as well):


  • Weekly Video Chats as a group
  • 24/7 Slack Chat
  • Forums
  • FoE Exclusive Blog

Men need to connect with men and inside of the Fraternity that is exactly what we do.

It isn’t a “kind and gentle” safe space for you to escape to, it’s a place where men network and get shit done.

If that’s what you need then check us out.

We live in an age where the world is saying masculinity is toxic, events like the 21 Convention are pushing back and reminding our brethren that there is nothing wrong with being a man.

I’ll see you next year.

Take Action and Take Care,


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