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Between the upcoming elections, ANTIFA, Fires, Flood, Riots, and a whole host of other recent major events which have caused civil unrest and the normal routines of normal people being disrupted, I think now is a time to talk about the need for you to prepare yourself and your family for surviving the chaos which is sure to follow.

Here are your options…

You can be someone who actually takes action or you can be a Slacktivist (Someone who thinks sharing outrage on Social Media is actually making a difference).

Before I go on, this piece was inspired by the US drone strike which killed Gen. Soleimani a top Iranian commander in Baghdad.

There are times where bringing small town news articles to Social Media with force can generate attention and thus actual change.

International Politics do not require sharing how angry you are or how we need to prepare for blowback. In fact, this is especially true if all you are doing is writing about the need to prepare without actually doing so yourself.

You’re LARPing as someone who is ready for fallout without actually being prepared for anything.

How embarrassing will it be if/when shit hits the fan and you, the one who’s written 1,000+ Tweets are caught off guard?

I’d written a quick Tweet bringing this discussion to the table with six quick pointers, I’ve grown that to the 10 below.

This is by no means all-inclusive, it’s just what I came up with off the top of my head, I’d need to write a book about the subject to cover everything to preparation.

Fortunately there are websites galore, I suggest you read them.



10 Steps To Prepare for Disaster



1. How much water do you need in case of a disaster?

People often overlook how serious they need to take hydration. There are several ways to go about collecting emergency water:


  1. You can store them in jugs outside.
  2. You can buy gallons & swap them out monthly.
  3. You can collect them in 55 Gal drums stored in your garage.

Even if you are a city dweller, you need to have water stored as SHTF can cutoff whatever water is being supplied to your building.

Don’t Tweet your outrage if you don’t have any water except what the city is providing you and even for others on a well like myself, you still never know what’s going to happen so stock up those reserves.

It’s little money and able to be procured today, go out and get yourself some water.



2. How much food do you need in case of a disaster?

If you’re ranting on Facebook about how Trump is getting us involved in unnecessary foreign wars and how this Drone Strike is pulling us into WWIII, yet you aren’t stocked up on food reserves, do you really believe what it is you’re saying?

Seriously, if you believe all the bullshit I shared above about WWIII knocking on the door, wouldn’t you take action to prepare for it?

You should have canned foods, dry foods, foods which can be cooked, cooking materials, and whatever else you need to ensure you and your family can eat.

Living burns energy, your  body needs to replace the burned calories with some sort of fuel; Twitter characters and Facebook likes are not fuel and will not help you.



3. How long can you go without needing to go to the store?

Think about the basic materials needed for day to day (comfortable) existence:


These are simple things that are often overlooked because everyone is being stupid and saying, “The Zombies are coming we need AR’s” which sure, you need firearms but let’s not look 5 miles down the road and trip on the rock right in front of us.

The basics need to be covered before you go looking into specialized gear.



4. Are you strong enough to survive the apocalypse?

There’s nothing funnier than the fat prepper.

Guys talking about their secret compounds, thousands of rounds of ammunition, monthly stores of food and water who literally pull a muscle when they sneeze.

If you can’t run, climb, lift heavy things, and go more than 6 hours between meals without getting “lightheaded” you are deserving of the rocked world which is coming your way.

You need a strong mind and strong body to make it through stressful situations.

Do not die a preventable death, train for war.


Want to get your body in fighting shape?
Fight Club Physique: Rage Against the Modern World


Anyone who is talking about preparing for conflict or being able to handle mass chaos needs to be someone who is capable of carrying their gear and possibly family members over long distances at a fast rate.

Things happen quick, fat people aren’t quick – get. in. the. gym.



5. What weapons do you need as a prepper?


If you are a pacifist, understand that others are not and your words will not stop their fists or weapons.

So, what are you going to do to protect yourself, your family, and the assets you’ve stocked up on to last while society collapses.


  1. Axe/Bat/Crowbar
  2. Knives
  3. Firearms


  • Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Handgun

You should have a variety of means to defending yourself, including your body.

Make yourself comfortable with weapons, find instructors if need be, join groups.

I’m not expert, but someone like Mr. Swift is and he’d be a great resource to add to your follows on social media.

Pick these men’s brains, see what you can do to improve your preparedness when it comes to security.



6. How to train with firearms and medical kits?

I kept this reminder on purpose, it seems redundant but there’s nothing worse than an untrained individual with a gun.

Those are the dudes who turn the gun with them when they speak to you pointing their barrel into your face…

(Nothing evokes instant rage like improper firearm handling)

Listen, you need to be using your equipment.


  1. Train with your weapons.
  2. Check your kits to ensure they aren’t expired.
  3. Take classes to be capable with your medical kits

Buying a gun does not make you a capable shot, you have to actually shoot.


Few people know how to use half the shit in their medical kit, that is a major problem when they’re needed in a time sensitive manner with adrenaline added into the mix.

Not when it’s needed, before then.


This piece was originally an email, if you’d like to get access to all emails be sure to subscribe to The Family Alpha Newsletter



7. Do you have a medical kit in your car?

Listen, what good is all the preparation, training, and purchasing of equipment to not have it on you when you need it?

You have no idea how many kids I’ve had to bandage up at the playground because I was the only parent with a kit and ice-packs, it’s ridiculous.

I have a basic kit *This One* (which I’ve added to) as well as a fire extinguisher (This One) in my Jeep.

I do not understand those who have these things in their bathroom or kitchen, yet nothing in their vehicle which, when you come across an accident, injury out with the family, or while at other people’s homes where you’ll likely need it.



8. How many fire-extinguishers should you have?

People speak of preparation yet will shit their pants if there were a fire in their house.

Simple fact, the people who don’t have a fire extinguisher in their home is too damn high.

These are not expensive, I’m pretty sure all Lowe’s & Home Depots sell the two pack for under $50. I think the time and money required to stock the house is worth not having your house burn down.

(More Expensive 3 Pack from Amazon)

Don’t go on Twitter talking about Iran when you can even run down the street to arm your home.



9. How much cash should you have on hand?

Listen, how do you think people are going to barter?

Your neighbor may be a swell guy has food stores and you don’t, well what if neighbor changes their mind about sharing thanks to nerves?

Cold hard cash changes minds…

You aren’t going to be able to run to the ATM when SHTF, so start putting some dough aside now.

How much?

However much you feel is necessary, I have my amount, you decide yours.


REMINDER: If you want to boost the passive income to start putting aside, Grab Jose Rosado’s Twitter Money Mastery Program.



10. Do you know who your neighbors are?

There is no greater indicator to which group is going to succeed than that of the group’s inter-relations.

You’re over here freaking out about Iran on Twitter for hours yet you haven’t spent 5 minutes getting to know those who’ve been living to your left and right for years now…

Let that sink in:

– You: We need to prepare!
– Neighbor: Hey, FYI I have a garden and arsenal in my baseme-
– You: Quiet I have to rant online!!!

Create a network that looks out for one another, I’ve already done so and continue to do so, we all have our responsibilities and you need to ensure that you aren’t the odd-ball left out while others are forging bonds because they will leave you in the dust.

When SHTF people turn to those who add value, not the lone wolf leech.

Real world bonds trump online connections every time.



I hope I helped you…

I truly want you to do well if anything were to ever happen.

It may never come to fruition, but I’m sure you’ve heard the warning that it’s better to have and not need than need and not have.

Take Action and Take Care,


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  • Yes! Get a fire extinguisher. Learn from my experience. A little fire that you think you can easily put out can get out of control very fast. Do you think you can fill a bucket with water and run over to stop the flame before it’s too late? Factor in wind and fuel then without a fire extinguisher you are out of luck.

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